At a loss what to do RE: JW family and my kids

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  • notverylikely

    Jehovah's Witnesses never take this antagonistic rant toward unbelieving family.

    See the Watchtower from the 50s that implied the only reason you can't stone your unbeleiving family is that darn law gets in the way.

    And you once said you would send pictures if I PM'ed you to prove that you are hot. You never answered me back. Why did you lie to me?

  • palmtree67

    Shut up, Alice.

  • Hopscotch

    2pink it's really horrible when your own flesh and blood show loyalty to a cult/publishing company rather than their own family. I know as I personally am experiencing myself, my husband and son being shunned by our JW families. I was told I was satanic, a liar, dead as far as they are concerned etc - all this vile stuff was said to me by my own father in our last phone conversation 18 months ago. And it hurts. However, even though they have cut us off completely my situation is a bit different in that my son is now 20.

    So having experienced first hand how our own parents can say such horrible and untrue things about us to our face and no doubt plenty more behind our backs, I personally would be very reluctant to let my very young children be alone with their JW grandparents. It is very possible your children will be told things like "mummy and daddy are going to die at Armageddon", or "mummy and daddy are bad because they don't love Jehovah" etc (I'm sure you get the picture). As your children are very young, being told this kind of stuff can have a real impact on them, both now and in years to come. And that is the last thing you would want now you are out and living a normal family life with your children.

    You very much have the right to say that you will be with the children during the visits and that there is to be no JW talk and no running down of you and your husband. After all there has been articles in the Awake magazine quite a few times where grandparents are told they have to respect their childrens right to parent their own children their own way.

    Wishing you all the best in this difficult situation


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    You should NEVER let them see your kids without you present. The children are YOURS. If they can't bring themselves to come to your home to see their own grandchildren then they do NOT really LOVE them as much as they say, do they?

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Your story sounds just like mine except my children are a little older. I don't mind if JW family wants to visit but it is really weird because the kids have this whole new life going, sports, birthday parties, friends and it really isn't open for discussion. On the other hand all they have is JW crap to talk about so there is a lot on long pauses in conversation. They visit with the kids on my turf, I would never hand younger kids off to those whack jobs because I don't know what kind of scare tactics they would resort to.

    I have noticed now that I am out that as kids get older and grand parents are not involved with their sports, school concerts, prom pictures etc, the relationship kind of fizzles. Sad. Hope all goes well for you! NMKA

  • wasblind



    "Shut up, Alice."

    What else is there to conclude about this person's family except that it is completely screwed up and it's all the “cult's” fault. You'll only get advice about this “situation” from those that enjoy a study diet of supermarket tabloid.

  • zoiks

    I don't even take the “family” stories ppl tell here at all seriously.

    Everyone's experience is different, Alice. For many of us, family can be the nastiest people to deal with.

    2pink, do what feels right, given the circumstances of all involved. Personally, I have not limited my children's contact with their grandparents on the stipulation that they (the grandparents) behave themselves. No accusations against us, and no contradicting what we are teaching our children. Aside from an incident that drove home the need for these rules, it has been uneasy but doable.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    What? What is wrong with you? What are you talking about Alice????

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Quit feeding the troll.

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