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  • coffee_black

    Shelby is wonderful! I would love to meet her one day...


  • JamesThomas

    Shelby, is a dear; no doubt about it.

  • Awen

    I think the world of Shelby but I temper it with the knowledge that she (like myself) is an imperfect human being subject to weaknesses of the flesh.

    I'm not knocking her at all, quite the contrary. What I am trying to say is that from reading multiple posts by her there is a fair amount of 'hatred" directed her way that seems unfounded (at least in my eyes).

    I find it very odd that people will put belief in the Bible, which was written by people who say they were inspired by YHWH or directed by the Holy Spirit to write certain things, yet when Shelby says she was directed by Our Lord to do the same, she is called a "nutter". Seem quite contradictory.


    I hope to meet Shelby one day while still alive. I hope to meet her later if I prove faithful. Who knows? We all do dumb things and the elect are not immune from our own idiocy and weaknesses.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. It takes tremendous courage to tell others that you hear "voice(s)" or get messages from the Holy Spirit (Yeshua). But we all know we'll be seen as "insane" for doing so and we accept it. It's simply the way our world is.

    Oddly enough this sort of communication is widely accepted in Pagan circles, but in some forms of Christianity and the world at large it isn't. I suppose it has to do with the advent of the mental health field. People are unable to put their trust in what they can't see, hear, taste, touch or smell. Yet at the same time we all breath air (which has the same properties) and all admit it exists because we all have first hand personal experience with air.

    Also we have Psychologists who are Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc who regularly pray to unseen, unfelt, unknowable (in the physical sense) beings and yet in their practice they diagnose as mentally unstable those who do or believe the same thing. Sounds like a contradiction to me.

    But what do I know? I'm just a simple person with simple ideas/information trying hard to pass along to others what I have learned/been told.

    I think Shelby is of the same ilk. We both know we will be made fun of, insulted, etc, but that is to be expected. When Jesus said "pick up your torture stake (cross) and follow me continually", he wasn't just talking about physical pain. he meant the emotional pain inflicted by others.

    Shelby has never asked or demanded that anyone believe her. She has never asked for anyone to follow her. The elect simply say "This is what I know. Check it out for yourselves."

    Shelby could be likened to a book in a library. You picked it up, you read it and you decided for yourself whether it's truth or falsehood. The burden of truth rests not with the book, but with the reader. You might come back later and read the same book again (after having meditated on it or having had certain life experiences) and said "OMG this is what I was looking for! It was here the whole time and I couldn't see it. I was so blind!"

    Or not.

    Doesn't matter really. She just doing what she is told. She's trying to fulfill her commission from Christ the best way she knows how and in the kindest way she knows how. It really doesn't matter if everyone "gets it". At least she's doing what she's been told to do, rather than "burying her treasure in the field."--Matthew 25:18

    I love Shelby. I hope I can make a special trip to Oakland, CA one day to meet her. Just because.

    Peace and Love,


  • watersprout
    Writng posts with bizarre titles and then remarking that your post was clearly labelled for about three specific people is rude.

    Errr who are the three people?? I think you will find there are many.


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