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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Thing about this "agreeing" thing is that it doesn't matter to her and she seems to know that it doesn't matter to her God whether you agree with a specific doctrine as long as one lives according to the law of love.

    For instance, Shelby and I may have the same God and yet each have a completely different understanding or way of communicating that God to ourselves and others and that's ok with her. She is wise enough to realize that judging another's spirituality is not only futile but it is also not within the ability and rights of mankind to do so.



    Where is she??? It's a Shelby love fest!

    I hooked her up with a link.

    So she can see this thread,when she comes on line..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • GLTirebiter
    Where is she??? It's a Shelby love fest!

    Probably blushing from all this attention! Allow me to add to it...

    Shelby, Our opinions do not always agree, but there's no denying your sincerity, kindness and the great effort you put into explaining them. Thank you for sharing them!

  • AGuest

    Ummmmmm... okaaaaayyyyy... ummmmm... uhhhhhhhh....h..h..h..h... Wow.

    My apologies for not posting sooner. What could I say? There were no words, truly. Other than... I love you guys. Sincerely. ALL of you. True atheist to true apostate. Christian by means of an anointing with holy spirit to "christian cause I joined a church last Sunday." You guys and gals are cra-aa-zy!! How can I NOT love you? And in the end, it won't matter, dear ones. What will matter is what is prophesied by my Lord as to how we treat his brothers. All of us. Including me. And I can't imagine any one of you treating ANYONE as the whip of the Borg would have you do. You certainly show ME love... in spite of our "differences."

    And I thank you for that... and for this. Each and every one of you. Truly.

    May the undeserved kindness... and mercy... of my dear, dear Father, the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies... who is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, Moses, David... the Prophets... the Apostles... and many, many more, including my beloved Lord and King, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, His Son and Christ, the Holy One of Israel and Holy Spirit... whose love... and peace... I wish for you ALL... that it be upon you all... everyone of you... and your entire households... to time indefinite. That is all I have to give you... but I promise you, it is worth far more than the treasures of any kingdom on this earth.

    YOUR servant... and a slave of Christ,

    Shelby, who is truly grateful... and truly humbled... but must ask that we now leave off this, ummmm, very unnecessary topic and move on to something more worthy of posting about... please... thank you!

  • beksbks

    Well, that sounds like a challenge to me.............

    Just teasin'

  • watersprout

    I think we have embarressed Shelby just a little!

    Enjoy the attention i know i would Hee hee

  • Chalam

    Love to you Shelby :)



  • PSacramento

    I remember the first time I read one of Shelby's posts and I was like WTF ????

    LOL !

    Then I read it with an open mind and saw the words of the Lord forming there and understood that Our Lord does work through US and works in SO MANY different ways.

    I love Shelby, I love they way she loves Jesus and God, I love the way she loves US and how she reveals herself to US with NO FEAR and no judgement.

    Shelby is a special little cookie and we are truly lucky to have her and even if you don't agree with all she says or how she says it, never forget she says it out of Love.

    You rock babe !


  • snowbird

    When she talks "plantation-style," I always get teary-eyed.


  • Inkie

    Snowbird! "Plantation-style"!!! I love it. I love it! LOLOLOL . . . LOLOLOL

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