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  • watersprout

    I wanted to post this thread about Shelby.

    She get's a lot of grief by what she posts on this site, so i thought i would start a post on how Shelby has helped ones that have left the Borg.

    I can't begin to explain how Shelby has helped me, i felt like i was in a hole and she gave me answers to the many questions i had. No matter how many emails i bombarded her with, she always took the time to answer. Yes there has been times when i haven't liked what she posted, but i asked Christ to help me understand and he did...... Shelby helped me to open my mind and come to the realisation that the Borg can no longer stop me from becoming the beautiful person i was destined to become.

    I think i speak for many when i say THANK YOU SHELBY!!!!

    Please only post if you have something lovely to say. I want this post to be a positive upbuilding one. I want Shelby to see that she has helped many and that we all love her!

  • nelly136

    for shelby

  • snowbird


    Beautiful inside and out!


  • Quandry

    If this thread is all about Shelby, I have a question, "Who is Shelby?"

  • Fester

    Very uplifting post, but how about this... Instead of asking Christ to help you, why don't you help you?

    Be strong in your own decision making. Be confident in yourself. Rise to the occasion and be courageous enough in your self to be able to speak for yourself, stand up for yourself, and live your own life and make your own decisions without the invisible boogie man.

    Whenever you "will" something to happen and it does happen, that's all you baby. Not some fictional ancient book character.

    Awaken to reality and thank Shelby for what Shelby did without giving any credit to invisible fictional book characters.

  • watersprout

    I'm not giving any credit to ''invisible fictional book characters''...............

    As individuals we are intitled to believe in who and what we want. Thats our God given right. If it makes me happy believing in what i do then its has nothing to do with anyone else.

    This post is about Shelby not me. Lets keep it that way shall we!!!!

    Peace and light :)

  • watersprout

    If this thread is all about Shelby, I have a question, "Who is Shelby?"

    Shelby is 'AGuest'.... Hope that helps

  • Fester

    Ok, first, let me point out a little bit of selfishness here...

    Lots of people do things that "make them happy" regardless of what others think. Some of those things are quite destructive though. You started a thread, in honor of someone else, whom at this point I can only fathom as a Ford Mustang. You thanked "Jesus" in the post, and you commended your friend as well.

    All I ask from anyone is that they keep their religious feelings to themselves. You are free to believe whatever you like, but remember that you started a public thread and you dictated what kind of responses you wanted, etc. You cannot have the cake and eat it too. Either allow me to speak my freedoms as well as yours, or don't. I'm voicing my opinion, which I have a right to, and you're voicing yours. You choose a book character to give thanks to, and I do not. It's that simple.

    Two things that I no longer bring up at dinner with the family are politics and religion. I feel that both should be kept to one's self if one cares for either of the two.

    Personally, I don't care for either.

  • wobble

    I thank Shelby for her posts on here, I know she is sincere, and a very kind, thoughtful and respectful person.

    All are free to comment on here ,as long as they stick to to the Posting Guidelines.

    I do not believe in God or the Bible, but I respect Shelby and am always interested in what she , or her "Lord", have to say, long may she contribute to this board, and to the healing of others.

    Welcome to the board Watersprout ! (Late welcome I know)



  • zoiks

    While I do not share the beliefs of Shelby/Aguest, I do appreciate her as an individual, as reflected in her posts and in others' obvious affection for her.

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