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    I've been out for almost 2 decades. Using my 38 year experience as a jw to help others, means that I didn't go through it all for nothing. I manned the 800-why-1914 for a number of years, and that was an amazing experience. I learned more than I could have ever imagined..

    We have something in common here...a shared experience that not everyone can understand. I know a lot of people on this forum.. You also never know when people from your jw life may come out. I want to be here to help if they find their way to this forum.

    It's like surviving a war... and you look around to see who else has survived.


  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist


    I started reading posts on this board a few months after I DAd myself in 2003. At the time I wrote my letter informing the elders that I no longer believed any of the lies spread by the WT, finding solace in discovering that 'there probably is no god'. I genuinely believed that my wife would do the same. She didn't - in fact, my leaving JWs probably made her a bit more determined to continue. This was quite a shock!

    Reading similar experiences here has helped me understand just how deep-rooted and nasty the WT cult is. It has enabled me to keep abreast of doctrinal changes, flip-flops and ever deepening circular reasoning techniques employed to dupe the followers of the 'religion'. To have any chance of success, I need to find out what was new in the WT religion in an attempt to try and understand more about why my JW wife still remains loyal to the cult.

    Several posters encouraged me to read Hassan's books as they had assisted them and others do likewise. I bought the books and digested them. To date, I'm still working hard in the hope that, one day, my wife will wake up to the fact that the religion is just a pack of lies.

    I've started a few new topics and had interesting replies. I've posted on other's topics where I felt I had something worthwhile to add to the discussion.

    JWN is an excellent source for ex-JWs, doubting JWs and anyone that has friends or family involved in the cult.

    lifelong humanist


    I'd successfully faded and was searching the net for people I knew who had also left. I read some scary threads on JWN about how people had been treated. I was truly appalled.

    I'm here to support in what limited unprofessional way that I can, share the odd experience and say there is life after the truth.

    I've got 3 decades in common with many people here.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I find myself here mostly as a form of entertainment; sometimes, depending on days when I experience a foul disposition, I use this venue for venting; it also serves as a form of amusement and amazement at how some here are stuck in this eternal and ever-increasing pity party going on in their lives.

    Definitely entertaining for the most part at this time.


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