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  • jamiebowers

    I continue to come here after being out for more than 20+ years, because:

    1. The WB&TS will be brought down one person at a time, so I am here to help catch those who are jumping off of the Watchtower.
    2. My mom is still in and completely brainwashed. I want to know well ahead of time what other torture the borg is going to put her through.
    3. There are people here who know the Bible and/or the Watchtower doctrine better than anyone I knew when in the borg.
    4. Posters here are very friendly and wicked funny for the most part.

    Why are you here?

  • kes152

    Hello Everyone,

    I enjoyed reading your comments, some were quite insightful/touching while others were quite funny. :) I hope I didn't offend anyone by my first post in asking the question I did; that was not my intention. Honestly, when I was looking through the board, I became frustrated because there were a lot of bible debates and such going on. It seemed as if the board was getting away from the support aspect of helping exJWs. I felt sad when I saw some of the debates and although I also am guilty of doing this myself, I do not wish to continue to do it. When I asked the question, I guess I was also wondering if anyone else felt the same way. I'm not sure what the real purpose of this board is, but it seems like it was geared towards supporting exJWs coming out of the WT as opposed to debating theology. It is my hope that this board will be less focused on debates and more focused on supporting those having trouble coming out. When I first came out, I often felt lost, confused, and unsure about what to do. Many people use the internet to seek sources of support and guidance. I would hate for them to run across this site, searching for supprt, but findng instead rampant debating over religious issues. I also hope there are others who also feel the same way.

  • snowbird

    Good morning, K.

    If people are really in need of support, they will find it here.

    I wouldn't get too concerned about the debates if I were you - they just liven things up a bit.

    This really is a great bunch of people - stick around, get to know them.

    Peace and love in your quest.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I think by honest reflection, Kes, it would seem likely that both support and religious debate would follow as a natural part of the xjw experience for most.

    Religion was our life! It seems totally natural that we would not agree as to what direction we go after leaving a dominant religion like Jw's. My personal life has moved through many spectrums in this regard, and over the years, having others who can understand my perspective has aided me in hashing out this matter. So I think it a good thing.

    Support in many areas of life outside religion is certainly available also here. For some the journey is long and tedious in peeling the onion and finding our way in this world.

    I think in your original statement you asked the reason for this board. Ironically, it began as a pro-jw board. It has come full circle. Without the debate about religion that inevitably arose after Simon formed the board, it probably would have never evolved to where it is today.


  • LouBelle

    I come here to keep myself updated on what's going down in the org - not that I need it, but it's always good to be armed when the Jdubs come with their so called theocratic warfare.

    To provide comfort for those that have just left.

    To clarify certain misconceptions about Africa/South Africa.

    Because I can.

  • snowbird

    Oh, yeah (thanks Loubelle!).

    I also like to clear up misconceptions about ALABAMA.


  • finallysomepride

    To clarify certain misconceptions about Africa/South Africa.

    Which misconception is that? South Africa can play rugby, what was the final score?

  • donny

    Snowbird: I also like to clear up misconceptions about ALABAMA.

    Do folks wear shoes in Alabama yet? Just wonderin'.

  • snowbird
  • Finally-Free
    Why you come here and post?

    Where else would I go?


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