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  • nelly136

    accomplish....makes it sound like a task,

    i spose youre right it can be darn hard work just hanging and chilling with pepes who talk about head cheese n chittlins!

  • Mr Moody
    Mr Moody

    I find it interesting and find out more about Witnesses than I ever do at the meetings(yes I still go)..When a lot of your family are witnesses it's hard to just cut yourselves off "cold turkey" style as "On the way out" said. Personally I don't find the need to discuss every feeling and gripe I have about JWs and others , but I can understand those who do need to talk about it. The one thing I do benefit from is the knowledge that I'm(we) are not alone in what we are going through.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I came here after apologizing for the JWs for 12 years.

    I was researching jehovahs witnesses and child custody in preparation for a court battle when it led to here. Quite frankly i freaked me out. Not only what i was reading in subjects but particulary about child custody battles.

    I had long ago vowed NEVER to return to the JWs. So i decided to start lurking and posting. In all my life as a JW and all the 12 years out, i had NEVER looked at anything negative about them. It was very distressing to start with.

    When i concluded that what i was reading was mostly accurate i decided to research almost every thing i could from William Miller to 2010.

    I am not a bitter 'ex jw'. I am very indignant though.

    My reasons for being here now are primarily to get help and to help myself face the last battle i will wage in regard to this 'religion', and that is to make sure my children are not baptised into it while minors and hopefully never.

    When i feel they are safe, then i may go missing from here for a long time i hope!

    In the meantime, i feel i have found people who understand where i have been and am going. I have found a wealth of truth about the 'truth'. It has made me question my past present and future far more deeply that ever my 26 years in and 12 years out.


  • lisavegas420

    When I first came here, I'd been out of the JW's for years. I still accepted that the JW's was the "truth". I still accepted that I would be destroyed at Armageddon any day now. ...(but only because it was all I'd ever known.)

    I came here to find out what was taking so long. And because I came to realize (manifesting in the form of depression and constant migraines) what a piece of shit god was, if he was going to destroy, my wonderful husband, children, and grandchildren because of a decision I made.

    I realized that it may not happen..ever, and I needed to get on with my life. I stopped worrying, and started enjoying life. My depression and constant migraines lifted.

    I read some amazing stories on this board. I met in real life some amazing, beautiful, kind people from this board.

    Now I consider this a place to come to be the first in the know, of ANYTHING that is or could be happening anywhere in the world.

    If there is not already a thread about something, ask..and someone will know the answer.


  • Fester

    I'm here to attempt to help as many people as I can free themselves from ALL religion, and awaken to their own god-given gifts of free thought, so that they too may always question authority and think for themselves.

    The United States will become a much better country if we can get these ancient superstitions and myths OUT of our government documents completely and out of people's minds so we can finally progress and realize that we already have the gift of eternal life through humble progeny.

    I long for the day when no more TV personalities and pastors are asking for people's money for their selfish goals.

  • chickpea

    i come here because i can!!

    even tho there was at one
    time an influence in my life
    that tried to convince me
    i was unable to make ANY
    appropriate decisions in
    my own life....

    as far as "accomplishing"anything...
    not sure i have a "mission but i do think
    staying abreast of the insider
    info might prove useful someday
    if a struggling captive is looking
    for a way out of the cult and i know
    something they dont know that
    might make a difference

  • blondie

    If I want to know what's going on with jws, I learn it here first. When I was leaving the WTS, my husband was still in and an elder. I told him about the "non-letter" the CO was going to read to the elders about changing the blood doctrine from a jw being df'd for taking a blood transfusion to being considered as having da'd themselves. There is nothing to date even about that in the publications available to the rank and file jws. The CO only read it to them, they were not allowed to read it themselves or have a copy. When this happened in his elder meeting, my husband wondered what access I had to the WTS pipeline. It only added to his questions about WTS procedure.

    I no longer wonder IF the new elder's manual will be posted online, but when.

    I have copies of the new publications from this year's convention, not hard copy but online. What "faithful" jw has that, or do many care.


  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I come here because this is the only place I have ever found that I can talk and read about the way I was raised. There are other people here that understand.

  • finallysomepride

    my parole officer said this was the only internet site i'm able to visit

  • blondie

    I found I was not alone......................

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