Observations since the book study arrangement finished

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  • truthseeker

    Does anyone have any interesting observations since the book study arrangement in private homes finished?

    Are JWs happier with the extra night off? Do they miss the book study? For some, that was the only social interaction they got with other dubs.

  • elderelite

    I doubt my observations will be considered interesting but I went through a period of mixed emotions. I missed the friends and the association. we were a very tight group. we took trips and did lots of different fun things besides FS. But as an elder I'm happier than I can tell you. I hated that extra night and work. Now frankly i am just plain glad. all of the other elders have expressed similar sentiments. just one congregations take

  • OnTheWayOut

    I can only relate what I see in my wife as I quit going before the change.

    She definitely doesn't "study" any JW literature on that (or any other) evening. It gives her another evening to do whatever she likes, such as enjoy a nice dinner with me.

    I imagine hardly any JW's do any "more" study because of the Family Study Day stupidity. They probably do less study as it is quite easy to answer on the fly at the very short book study at the hall they call the "Bible" Study or some other joke of unreality. (I forget what they call it.)

  • baltar447

    I'd have to say that the lack of book study has had a real negative impact. People don't get as many opportunities to socialize or feel the warm associate with others. If anything it makes people more inclined to just stick to their close friends or in their clique. Many who have a difficult time in public and thus have great difficulty answering at meetings would only comment at the BS. It's been all bad from the point of view of actually keeping people motivated in the org. On the other hand, everyone likes the night off.

  • yknot

    Personal POV.........hate, hate, hate, hate it.

    Gone are the interesting comments and after BS discussion, the feeling of being 'tight-knit', the pot-luck atmosphere......

    Replaced by the uber rigid, utilitarian, blan CBS...... where Elders feel the need to be 'company men' because they don't relax like they did in the home setting, CoBoE is watching, .....CoBoE feels pressure to be stern in his leadership too instead of the man who used to be light hearted. They were 'men' before, now they are 'suited enforcers, making sure the program runs smoothly'.......

    We feel less close, less like a brethern, more like people who attend the same church , but don't really associate outside of theocratic duties....

    Bravo "Mother" Bravo....mission accomplished!

    The Elders and MSs are now always 'on' in their 'positions', ever vigilant to maintain WTS order and squash any voice of descent.

    The upside, is that it is less spiritually fulfilling........... thus the living double-lives increases with less feelings of guilt.


    On the manner of ditching Thrusday's night meeting slot ---- woot, woot, do a little dance, make a little love .......(who knew doing nothing was so much freakin' fun!)


    I suggest taking it all one step further in mainstreaming........so we can invite non-JWs to the mid-week meeting and not have them leave feeling like they had been to a sales meeting!...... Keep the CBS/TMS-- make it longer for more 'interesting comments' or create a 'worship program' similar to Christendom.......bump the SM to after the Sunday Meeting!.........

  • sabastious


    Do you think the Org disbanded the book studies because of that kind of thing happening? They have always discouraged against "independent group research or thinking" and that was exactly what the book study groups could easily become.


  • wantstoleave

    I was glad of the change, one less night to drag the kids out! But I know others miss it due to association and also answering up. Alot don't answer at the big meeting, but preferred the bookstudy for that reason. Personally, I don't know many who do 'family study' on that night like instructed to. I certainly didn't!

  • wantstoleave

    I think another reason they ditched the bookstudy was to entice new members.

    I remember when people asked how many meetings we had a week and replying '5' and getting gasps in return. Though technically we were only 'at' a meeting 3x a week, there were 5 parts to it. So now they can happily say 'twice' a week, given especially that the public talk time has been cut down alot.

    Another reason could be due to publishers slacking off and the 5 meetings a week being too hard to get to. Whether that be work committments or what have you. So instead of losing them altogether, they dumped one meeting to keep numbers.

  • yknot

    Well they said it was because of gas prices.....

    My observations.....

    1) Pedophiles - core reason

    (2) going off script (creating an independent thinking nightmare, asking questions, being relaxed in obedience to WTS orders

    (3) gasoline prices were soaring and people were choosing between BS and TMS...... TMS lost as the BS was more fun and interesting. BS was fluff filler, the TMS/SM were the recruitment and guilt programs to get you to do 'more' for the WTS agenda.


    4th ...... they knew they were going to pull a 'clampdown' in order to push through needed changes and control cries of descent, so what better way to maintain control than placing everything at the KH where we are more likely to be in the mindset to behave in a manner more pliable to expectation and suggestion...... we aren't as comfortable, we are more about appearances.

  • EmptyInside

    Well, it helps to stay off the radar if your trying to fade. But, the book study was my least favorite meeting. I could care less about treat night, and wasn't too close to anyone in my book study.

    I know some miss it though. But, I'm glad to have one less meeting to attend.

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