Observations since the book study arrangement finished

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  • Desilusionnee

    @ Thenoblelodge didn't here about it. Thanks.


  • blondie

    I got to the question when meetings in personal homes started....why, right from the beginning. Russell and his followers met in private homes exclusively. There weren't many members back then. It wasn't until the mid 30's they even had many KHs giving those buildings that name then. In my area the first KH was built in the early 50's although there was a larger group of jws meeting in rented facilities.

    ***Proclaimers book jv chap. 20 p. 319 Building Together on a Global Scale ***The name Kingdom Hall was suggested in 1935 by J. F. Rutherford, who was then president of the Watch Tower Society. In connection with the Society’s branch facilities in Honolulu, Hawaii, he arranged for the brothers to construct a hall where meetings could be held. When James Harrub asked what Brother Rutherford was going to call the building, he replied: “Don’t you think we should call it ‘Kingdom Hall,’ since that is what we are doing, preaching the good news of the Kingdom?”

  • Tristram

    I like the night off and do not use it as a "Family Worship Night". I agree with the other sentiments here though that it has taken away the convivial "family" atmosphere that was at the home book studies. I do think it was a "clampdown", not done to relieve pressure on the friends. The original reason, gas prices, doesn't carry weight anymore, though I suppose we can always get some "new light" about the real reason.

    Other than that, the combined CBS/TMS/SM seems lengthier than the old arrangement, although technically it's not. Maybe its just the thought of sitting through three meetings instead of two.

    My 2 cents, FWIW.

  • WTWizard

    The good news: One less boasting session to attend.

    The bad: Fewer opportunities to do deep commenting. A more formal setting. Everything seems more rushed--along with the new Kingdumb maladies, this tends to strip any joy out of it that might have been there before. No more goodie night. And that Family Waste the Evening Night--hounder-hounders telling us that, unless we waste 4 hours on this, we die. (At least you can snake on Family Waste the Evening Night.)

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    They are also ignoring the elderly ones who can’t get out at night. I knew many older ones who couldn’t drive at night, or for one reason or another didn’t want to go out at night, so there was always a day group for them. Plus it helped those with unbelieving mates who could go to the day group while their husbands were at work.

    Too bad for them now, I suppose.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    An examination of the NT/CGS shows that many met in homes, proven by Paul's greetings. I was always under the impression that the Book Study was not only vital but modelled after 1st cent christians and a critical part of the final outwork during the great tribulation. I believe that the biggest reason why it was cancelled can be found in the following quote:

    km11/82p.1par.2AMeetingtoFortifyUsSpiritually While you regularly attend all other congregation meetings and participate in them, enjoying and benefiting from these, never underestimate the value of the weekly Congregation Book Study. The fact that this is an organized meeting of a smaller group contributes to its spiritual value. It allows for greater individual participation. There is often more time for scriptures to be looked up, read and discussed. Newer ones and children find it easier to participate and they progress quickly as they gain confidence in expressing their faith. Comments made by mature publishers on the more weighty material help to strengthen and fortify all in attendance. The interchange of encouragement at the book study invigorates all who support it, and a closer bond of union results.

    A few observations while I attended the fist year of the change:

    1) "It allows for greater individual participation" - to the contrary, people who frequently commented in the book study I oversaw, stopped commenting at the revamped meeting. It made my fade that much easier.

    2) "There is often more time for scriptures to be looked up, read and discussed" - big concern, encourages thinking and reasoning. Good luck getting your well researched thought out comment at the Bible Study or wasted on 30 sec soundbites at the weekly Bible Highlights.

    3) "Comments made by mature publishers on the more weighty material help to strengthen and fortify all in attendance." The biggest reason - too much additional personal research, espcially by CBSO's - they were putting their own stamp on interpretation away from the majority. I often heard of squabbles over how one CBSO made statemnst contrary to anoth CBSO - the Revelation Climax book was a greate example, add to that the brain addled CBSO who asked me "when were the changes made to the Climax book? was there a letter?"

    If the book study was so central to fortification of faith, encuragement, progress, confidence and understanding - why do away with it? the reason - everybody in one spot is easier to control than breaking them up into 6 - 7 groups without control. The gas issue was lame (no disrespect to those who travelled great distances) but an all knowing God would have seen that gas prices would have dropped shortly after peaking. Adding the Family Worship night was also stupid - people quickly ran through the smallest amount they could (if they did it at all) and then settled down for a night of "House" and "24". I would way barely 1% are faithful to this.

  • truthseeker


    Thanks for your observations - very astute.

    Yes, I felt some would be discouraged - especially for bible students who could only answer up in small groups, and yes, you're right, the elders were generally more relaxed, especially if they conducted the book study in their own home.

    The after the study cake, tea etc was the only interaction for many, especially the older ones. I know that not all groups had refreshments after the meeting.

    You know, it makes me wonder, how on earth do dubs socialize other than the fleeting minutes they spend with each other at the hall?


  • moshe

    JWs should just go back to one meeting a week in private homes and skip the KH meetings altogether.

  • pirata

    I love the extra night off and have the family worship night. We are enjoying the study of JW history and digging deep into JW teachings.

  • hamsterbait

    The Society long ago saif that the post BS time should not be uses to socialise and eat cake.

    Some might go for social rather than spiritual reasons.

    Like any ridiculous law, this was disregarded by many. The WTBTS then looked like joykilling fools.

    Get rid of the BS and they are in control again.


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