Observations since the book study arrangement finished

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  • undercover
    Get rid of the BS and they are in control again.

    I think that's it, but in a different way.

    With the slow down in brothers reaching out, they had less and less company men to rely on to lead the bookstudy. This would allow people with thoughts not in line with WT think to be able to speak more openly. They could ask questions, raise doubts. In fact, if allowed to stray from the WT program because of questions raised, the book study could actually become a real Bible study group instead of a WT book review group.

    To curtail this, they needed to make sure the groups adhered to a strict set of rules on how the progam was to be handled. In a relaxed atmosphere of someone's living room it was too hard to enforce those rules...but at the KH people were more willing to follow the rules with fewer company men needed to make sure things were kept in line with the Society's program.

    Kill the book study, make em all come to the hall with one study for the entire congregation and they are in control again.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Locally, the shortage of brothers made it impossible for conductors to take care of their bOrganization responsibilities and conduct a Book Study. More than one of our conductors were unprepared for the lessons regularly, particularly when Rev's Grand Climax was getting covered for the 666th time. Attendance for a couple of the groups varied from 3 to 20, which drove the conductors crazy.

  • sabastious

    To add to Undercover, most people have the Internet in their homes these days. What's stopping any of these Book Study Groups from being exposed to apostate websites by the younger members? Something along the lines of:

    "Hey guys, I found this interesting information on the internet, come into my room and I'll show you, I would like to know how it is explained..."

    It could start out as a benign inquiry but many R&F eyes would see it. The GB can't stifle all those seeds of doubt, so they had to do away with the BS and say it was due to the "economy."


  • serenitynow!
    JWs should just go back to one meeting a week in private homes and skip the KH meetings altogether.

    That would be horrible.

    When the BS was at our house there was so much extra work to be done. Always had to worry about is the basement clean, make sure there were no food odors, etc. Then when I went to the BS at other people's homes I felt like I could never escape to the bathroom because of the small intimate setting. At least at the hall you can slip out and get a cup of coffee if you want. I had already gone inactive by the time they got rid of the home BS, but I was happy to hear it. When you work full time it takes alot of energy to come home and then get ready to go to the KH Tu/Thur.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I still think the primary reason is what Billy said, a lack of brothers (I know of lots of MS who had their own study group and that was unheard of 15 years ago) to conduct. If you think the average JW is happy with one less meeting night, the elders I know were giddy about only having to conduct maybe once a month (less in congos with large BOEs).

    While I did see things go off the beaten path occassionally, the current "generation" of JWs are not all that inclined to get too deep into the material (in my experience). I always made it a practice of finishing a little early, especially on goodie night.

    As ynot stated, I think the local congregations are becoming less close and not having the separate BS groups is a big reason for that. While EVERY single JW that I know is thrilled to have the night off from meetings, many would have rather seen the TMS/MS cancelled and the book study groups continued.

    I think the WTS may have underestimated the social aspect and feeling of closeness the CBS gave to the congregations. Of course, the horse is out of the barn. They would have an extremely difficult time reinstating the extra meeting night. Maybe they knew it would be demoralizing but felt like they didn't have a choice. That meeting was typically the least attended but a sentimental favorite.

  • undercover

    Ah, yea... the ole 'scurry home from work, clean the house, rearrange the chairs before the book study' routine.

    We had the book study at our home at two different houses. Amazing how many people absolutely do not give a shit about other people's belongings, furniture, carpet, etc.

    I guess, to be fair, most were conscientious about being respectful, but enough weren't that it became burdensome and created ill feelings towards those that were disrespectful of the property.

    At first, I liked hosting the BS. Didn't have to drive anywhere, your closer buddies stuck around afterwards for a drink (after everyone else left) but after awhile it was just another damn chore that you hated. I was glad when we lost the privilege (due to my falling service hours and irregular attendence at the other meetings)

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    serenitynow! makes a fantastic point. One hall I went to had 4 out of 6 CBS held at the hall because no one would volunteer their home! I had it in my house for a few years and it was a hassle for the most part.

    I will say that when I was a kid we had it at our house and I had fun (at least once the meeting was over). My friends would bring their play clothes in the summer and we'd play outside until it was too dark to see. People always stayed after and that was my favorite meeting as a kid.

  • TastingFreedom

    I think not attending this extra meeting helped me and my family to finally liberate ourselves from this cult.

    It gave me more time to think on my own and eventually to do more research to refute all the WTS beliefs.

    I think there is a trend about this.

  • Gayle

    tastingFreedom,,thanks for your remark. I was hoping like you that many are finding one less day a week of meetings, now have some time for a little free personal thinking. The WT has one less finger to use for their choking of their members.

  • In His Love
    In His Love

    I do find it funny because in some sense they probably think that ending the BS association people will not express thier personal thoughts and feelings so much but it is completely the opposite. Now you have that free time to research scripture with out the hassle of the BS and those insanely moronic questions at the end. Im happy that for the most part you all feel that you have a bigger sense of freedom

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