How did you personally endure the torture during the DC?

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  • AudeSapere

    Somehow I got invited to work in the Auditing Department. Spent the entire assembly in the Air-Conditioned Locker Room. I felt privileged.

    If not for that, I think I would have stopped going. Or made arrangements to go out of town each summer. I do not tolerate extreme heat too well. Dodger Stadium, Meadowlands, the Racetrack on Long Island, NY (Can't remember the name??) ... BRUTAL.

    One year a sister with UBM and a young daughter invited me to join them at Jack Murphy Stadium in SanDiego. That was a lot better. So was the indoor arena in Fresno, CA. Dodger Stadium is no longer used in favor of smaller groups at indoor arena in Long Beach.


  • blondie

    I taped it (or seemed to) and listened to music or taped radio/tv shows/self-help.

    I did take notes of strangely presented points, hard to believe experiences or "reenactments". I know shorthand so few people could read what I was writing so I wrote letters, papers for school, composed poetry, did shopping lists, travel plans. I would have brought my notebook (elec) if they had them back then or I could afford one.

    I took restroom breaks at the "wrong" time, tends to be shorter lines.

    I got up for regular strolls because of my back problems (learned that from several elders and their wives).

    I also would not stand up for the songs and announcements (enjoyed the stares from some righteous jws). It's bad enough they tell you when to go potty.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Having small children saved me. My husband who never helped me with the kids, always was off "helping" someplace and never sat through the meetings trying to juggle babies, diapers, naps, hunger, bottles, potty breaks.... so they gave me the excuses I needed to get the hell up out of those horrible hard stadium seats often. Only one year did I manage to sit in the "good seats" at Sportsmans Park where there were nice round cushy seats and carpeting and tables and room to lay the kids on the floor for naps. But I had to learn sign language and sit in the reserved area for them. It was worth it LOL. It just was horrible HORRIBLE sitting through those the years I was pregnant. Holy cow...just shoot me.

  • NiceDream

    My toddler! We arrived late, left early before lunch so our babe could have a nap, and went back late. We took turns wandering around the whole time with him.

    I took notes to look busy, and wrote down weird points and doctrine not based on scripture. There were people outside on cell phones talking and texting. I also caught myself singing songs in my head, I swear I'm not crazy!!! I was just soooooo bored.

    This year I found they really dumbed it down, and some brothers talked waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow and sounded phoney because they were trying to sound sincere, but there heart wasn't conveying that sincerity. There is one really loving brother in my hall who is genuine, and it comes across in the way he speaks. Some of the others were too put on.

    Next year I plan on not going and will deal with the aftermath.

  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    I went and fortunately my wife felt ill so we missed a lot of the sessions. But I did get to hear the Generation BS. Now for a huge confession that I feel so guilty about....

    At the end of the last day my wife gave me $20 cash to put in the contribution box. To please her I planned to put it in the box but when I got to the box I just could'nt do it and didn't.

    Now for the part that I feel so guilty about. It's not me not putting the money in, it's the fact that that evening when my wife asked if I put the money in I lied and said "yes" I hate this hypocritical game I must play to keep peace and I feel so bad that I had to lie to her. If I had said No we would have had an argument.


  • loosie

    My last DC I had a 2 yr old disabled child and a 1 yr child. The only seats that were available were up a flight of steps. my DF'd hubby and I made one trip down those steps with the kids and called it quits. He asked me if I wanted to go to an early lunch in phoenix ax. I said yes. we didn't attend a dc since then. that was 13 yes ago.

    Before I got married i spent the time looking at cute brothers thru the binoculars.

  • cantleave

    I used to volunteer in the sound department before we had kids. The kids gave an excuse to go early.

  • cyberjesus

    I was always "serving" in one department or other. Actually since prolly 7 I dont remember me sitting the whole session because I was always volunteering in one department or other. Ha I think that worked for me!

  • MrFreeze

    I think I'll use my mp3 player and pretend I'm recording. That might work out pretty well.

  • seawolf


    Maybe you need to just 'play the game.' My mother will ask me if I listened to the meeting and I tell her I did but I just don't tell her it was for 5 minutes. Put a miniscule amount in the contribution box like a nickel or something and that way you don't have to lie since you DID put money in the box. I'm a terrible liar lol so I had to figure out ways to not lie but at the same time do my own thing......if that makes any sense.

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