How did you personally endure the torture during the DC?

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  • seawolf

    oh and forgot to say that I spent my time at the assemblies eyeing (with binoculars) all the hot girls and letting my imagination run wild with them....

  • EmptyInside

    I'm not going this year. But, in the past, I volunteered during the program. And took my time going back to my seat. I'd walk around looking lost,like I didn't remember what section I was sitting in. And if all else fails, I hid in the bathroom. And when I did actually, have to sit down, I just zoned out.

  • flipper

    How did I survive ? I slept through an hour or more of the afternoon session after lunch break. It's the only way I could survive sitting 6 or 7 hours in a seat . Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Borgdrone

    I drift off into a comatose state of mind. LOL

  • brizzzy

    When I was a kid, I took as many bathroom breaks as I could. Otherwise, there wasn't much else for me. I wasn't allowed to bring headphones or anything. I fell asleep a lot because it was so damn boring, but that got me in trouble. Lots of sharp elbows in the ribs.

    Once, when I was a teenager, I asked if I could sit with another girl in the congregation instead of with my family. I had snuck a few schoolbooks in my bookbag and spent the time reading and doing homework. The girl and her bitch mother turned me in to my mom, though, and I got slapped across the face right then and there, and then beaten for it at home. You haven't lived until you're a 16-year-old getting hit in the face at a Circuit Assembly in front of a bunch of disinterested JWs who couldn't care less. I "deserved it", after all. School isn't important when there's such fine spiritual food droning at you from the platform.

  • MrFreeze

    I'm sorry to hear about that brizzzy. Sounds like awful circumstances. I don't think I know any parents who would openly slap their teenage daughter in public for doing something like that. Maybe in private.

    Seriously though, that's a terrible thing that happened to you. So much for it being YOUR choice.

  • brizzzy

    My mom was one of the crazier ones, I think. Friends of mine STILL have horror stories about her, because often she didn't even care who was watching. If she was upset at me when friends or other JWs were over at the house, she'd pull off my pants and beat me with a spatula right in front of them. It didn't matter how old they were, whether they were male or female, or even how old I was. When you're 17 and your mommy's still "spanking" you in public, then you know you've hit rock bottom. It was humiliating. I left home twice, at 15 and 17, and she sent the police to bring me back both times. I moved out pretty much as soon as I turned 18.

    But yup, it was my choice to be a Witness. I was 12. Old enough to know exactly what I was doing...I certainly wasn't getting baptized because I hoped it would magically make Jehovah fix me and my life or anything...

  • Borgdrone

    Sorry to have heard about that also brizzy. You would never have been treated that way in our family. It is better to be more understanding and loving.

  • sherah

    Brizzy, I'm sorry about the mistreatment you received at home.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Brizzy, I'm sorry about the way that your mother treated you. Your mother was wrong and it's not your fault. At 12, a child is not really ready to make the decision about their commitment to a religion. A 12 year old would just do what the adults in their life expected them to do.

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