Was God over reacting destroying the whole planet in Noah's flood to kill afew evil people...too bad Noah forgot the Unicorns and Dinosaurs according to the Watchtower!

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  • Finally-Free

    Dinosaurs, unicorns, and Noah's flood appear to be having little impact on my life today, so I won't worry about it. I'm going out to enjoy the nice day.


  • designs

    How many Christian Religions today accept a literal global Flood account.

  • Galileo

    So the “peer reviewed scientific documents” for human origins are anymore credible?

    Yes. Here are just a couple of reasons.

    1. The Ancient Egyptians have an unbroken written history that goes back further than the date the supposed biblical flood occurred. There is no break in that history while their civilization was destroyed and than rebuilt. For that matter, why would Noah's descendants have rebuilt it?

    2. If every animal alive today "evolved" from those animals that could have fit on the ark, than biblical literalists like the WTS believe in a far more radical and faster moving type of evolution than any credible scientist has ever proposed.

    One of my favorite tidbits about the flood legend: After saving all of these animals through seemingly impossible circumstances, Noah starts slaughtering them for sacrifices. Doesn't seem like a brilliant allocation of resources.

  • DaCheech

    and Drunk noah had to explain "cursed races" by cursing his son. for petty reason I might add

  • nugget

    There is a brilliant book called before the flood which shows that a cataclysmic flood did take place in the area of the Black Sea. This sea was once a lake and wasn't joined to the Mediterranean as it is today. In addition the water level was much lower and there is evidence of civilizations living on the prehistoric shore now under the water. The Black sea was once fresh water and all the fresh water shell fish died at the same time as the sea became salt.

    The hypothesis put forward is that when the glaciers melted and the Med rose the water broke through causing the lake water to rise and the civilisation to be washed away. The idea that someone living by the lake built a boat in which to place his herds and livestock is not too far fetched.In this context it would appear to the civilisation back then that all life had been wiped out. As time progressed the story would be enlarged to encompass the globe and all animals .

    Scientific evidence does not support the idea that all animal kinds were in the Ark. The fact that separate continents have completely unique animal species seems to refute this. Scientist have no axe to grind with the Bible they merely seek to explain the evidence.

    The fossil record indicates that dinosaurs and humans were never around at the same time so they could never have been drowned as suggested in a flood.

    It is more relevant to look at what the story tells us about the civilization referred to and the person who wrote it rather than look for wider themes about God.


    Galileo nugget

    You have both made some good points.

    “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English)

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    According to "Studies in the Scriptures - The Finished Mystery" Leviathan was a choo-choo running between Pittsburgh and Brooklyn.

    Maybe the "unicorn" represents the pinheads that run the Watchtower Society.

  • Galileo

    When Noah started sacrificing the animals after the flood, do you think his family got a little perturbed? "Wait a minute, You mean to tell me that we've been having to shovel hundreds of metric tons of feces every single day, when we could have just killed these f__kers?!"

  • HintOfLime
    So the “peer reviewed scientific documents” for human origins are anymore credible?

    Yes, they are. Good explainations are in agreement with the evidence, and not contradicted by it.

    Scientists continually find new fossils that re-affirm and expand our understanding of human evolution. Through the use of multiple sources - including the fossil records and etroviral DNA in the Y chromosome, we can trace the age and origins of humans and come to a progressively better understanding of ourselves and our world. The biblical accounts don't change to account for new evidence - they don't improve. It doesn't account for fossils of ancient humanoids, and it never will. For people living in the middle east thousands of years ago - a giant boat with all the animals that they knew of may sound reasonable. With what we know today, it isn't.

    We can do the math - X number of animals living on the Arc for 1 year and 11 days requires Y tons of food, would require Z hours/day of caretakers to feed them all, would produce W tons of waste each day that would need to be removed by what.. 8 people? The saltwater of the oceans combined with the rainwater would turn all water brackish, and only a few species of fish can live in brackish water. All sea life would die - that is easily testible - go buy an aquarium and some fish and try it. Trees and most plants cannot live completely submerged for 1 year and 11 days. As previously mentioned, there are species of plants and animals that live only in sepecific places on the earth - some that are very specific, including lizards and spiders that only exist in a single cave. How did they get there from the arc? How many miles would they had to travel, how many generations would it take? Are there insurmountable obstacles in their trek such as oceans? On.. and on.. and on it goes. All the hard evidence and even simple logic contradicts Noah's Flood. Because it's nonsense.

    All that can be offered in it's behalf of the bible is apologetics and accusations that scientists MUST be wrong. Religious people can't tell us how scientists are wrong, or where specificaly the error in their calculations are... they just 'know' they are wrong. Someone recently posted a video of a JW public talk on evolution. You'll notice the speaker didn't discuss facts or fossil evidence - they have no leg to stand on there. The entire talk is spent on appeals to emotion, appeals to tradition, and demonizing science (part of satan's world trying to distract us) - they don't actually discuss the theory at all, and even intentionally mis-represent it (lie).

    The bible suggests that we started in a garden with a talking snake. It speaks of a man who made stronger by "magical hair". It has a dozen other stories that if you took a step away, and just look at it unemotionally.. it is not credible.

    The bible gets us nothing, "keep believing and your problems will go away". If you really want to understand the world, who we are, and where we came from... science delivers.

    - Lime

  • bohm

    HoL: . very well said.

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