Did you really pay attention at conventions or assemblies?

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I was being baptised during that bomb scare in Southampton!! Was in 1985 if I have my sums right and the baptism was resumed about 3 hours late.

    Must have been a SIGN if only I'd paid attention to it...lol


  • CandleSurgeon

    As a child I spent hours imagining what it would be like to be spider man swinging and climbing all around the coliseum.

    I also imagined cutting the wires of the giant scoreboard thingy hanging from the ceiling that was directly above the speaker. Sometimes I actually imagined saving the speaker…

    As I got older and really got into the whole JW thing I really tried to pay attention. But often just started thinking about all the sister’s I wanted to bone instead.

  • Heartofaboy

    Yes Billy that's what I remember...........just how damned disappointing the programs were.

    Also I remember how much pressure was put on my mum & dad to attend the conventions because of some world shattering resolution we had to say 'AYE' to.

    So all us kids were dragged along miles from home for this resolution............everyone anticipating wondering what it was going to be.

    What was Jehovah going to tell us???

    Maybe this is it, maybe this REALLY is Armageddon!!!!

    A hush would fall over the entire audience............THIS IS IT!!!

    I must really listen.................

    You what??

    Was that it??

    WAS THAT IT?????????????????


  • highdose

    I used to fantaise about standing up and yelling out things like "i'm sooo bored!/hot!" or running around the statium mid talk like a crazy person.

    I also used to watch the pigeons as they landed, somtimes imagined the conversations they might be having " why are these silly people sitting in this awful heat?"

    I counted things, retreated to my own little world. But still managed to clapp and write down all the scriptures and look them up while doing so!

  • CandleSurgeon

    Highdoes I think many of us learned the ablility to retreat to our own little world but still seem to be paying perfect attention. Like you I could look up scriptures, clap, keep my eyes focused on the speaker and all while not hearing a word that was being said :P

  • highdose

    I can remember being in one of the feild car parks at Twickenham during the lunch break. This black guy came back to his car put on this loud jamaican style music and started dancing around to it manicaly like he was being electricted!

  • wobble

    I never could pay attention in any full sense, and often fell asleep. being woken by an elbow in the ribs from Mrs Wobble if I began to snore.

    What ass-numbingly boring days they were !

  • highdose

    oh and did i mention that for those who chose to spend the convention in their cars listening via radio... there were toliets in the car parks that were tiny little trianglar tents, with a bucket!! I used to walk about 2 miles to go to a proper toliet... well beats listening to the program!

  • wobble

    One time at Twickenham Rugby Stadium, my friend and I were sitting in opposite stands, both bored, so we began to message each other, (this was long before cell phones) by writing on a piece of A4 paper in felt-tip and holding it up for the other to read with binoculars.

    The messages got steadily ruder and more irreverent, until I held one up, and I saw the glint of the sun in thousands of binoculars as they all avidly read my latest offering !

    I guess hardly any , apart from the real Uber -dubs , pay proper attention.

  • CandleSurgeon

    LOL you were far more entertaining than the mindless dribble coming from the platform wobble

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