Did you really pay attention at conventions or assemblies?

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  • donny

    A co-worker of mine whose family (2 daughters, wife) are JW's related a funny story yesterday. His wife and daughters missed the Friday portion of the convention last week in order to attend a wedding of a worldly relative. At dinner she mentioned to him that she would go to the convention this Friday to make up for the one she missed.

    He then asked why and she said so she could get the information she missed. He then asked her what important thing did she remember from Saturday and Sunday that really made an impression on her. She replied that the drama was good and when he pressed for something significant other than the drama, she admitted that she couldn't remember anything as really standing out.

    After a little more playful prodding she finally admitted that it was more about making up the lost time then it was about the actual program. It was a matter of "giving back to Jehovah" what was taken from him the previous week.

    I told him that was my experiences while I was in the organization. It was more about being seen there than it was about the talks,

    How about you?

  • snowbird

    I prided myself on being an attentive, zealous Witness, but I can't remember a single thing from all the conventions that I attended.



  • NiceDream

    What a great story!

    I used to dilligently take notes, but even afterwards I couldn't remember any important points except needing to do more, and the time is short. When I looked around, most people didn't take notes, and looked bored.

    I have mine tomorrow and am feeling incredibly sick. I hope this can be my last one!

  • yknot

    Sometimes, sometimes not.......

    I mostly remember resolutions and theocratic 'goodies'

    Beyond that it is always the same...

    1) obey

    2) procliam

    )3 do more

  • Nephilim

    This is when I really honed my binocular skills...

    I knew of several brothers who would give you a hard time if you were late. I mean they would literally walk up to you and counsel you.

    BUT! Upon binocular observation these same two brothers would be seen snoozing during the convention. One time when the brother was counseling me I pointed out that I saw him sleeping and he told me he had narcolepsy.


  • yknot

    LOL, you can always tell the born-in/raised JWadults........ they are napping too!

  • sacolton

    I always woke up for the clapping.

  • purplesofa

    I paid attention and took notes, it was spiritual food gluttony.

    The things I remember most about conventions was picking out a plant to buy that was used to decorate the stage,

    watching a bird that entered the arena and flew on the stage,

    and a talk where the speaker brought out how our skin looses its elasticity with age and

    asked us all to pinch our skin on the back of our hand and see how long it takes to spring back.

    I am still waiting!!!

    It got to where I could not stay awake at conventions,

    I split them up over at least two weekends

    and then I only went to make sure I was "Seen"


  • undercover

    Most of the time, no I did not.

    The worst part was trying to sleep without looking like you were sleeping. Nothing quite as embarrasing as having your head fall backwards when you fell fast asleep.

  • miseryloveselders

    A few years ago at a Convention, I was nodding off. I swear there is nothing more difficult than trying to stay awake once you start dozing off. My head kept rocking back and forth, eventually it hit the kneecap of somebody sitting behind me. I was so embarrased, I never turned around and apologized or anything. I usually try to keep occupied at conventions, and assemblies. Whether that be attendant work, or money boxes, stage work, anything to avoid sitting in those hard seats. My butt feels like post-op after sitting there cramped up between people. Then trying to listen to either monotone speakers or overamplified speakers rehash the same material I heard last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, a nd the ..................

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