I saw the Queen today - well sort of

by Lady Lee 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • Podobear

    Full applause Cofty!! Bravo.. you have said it all in one..

    Lady Lee I would share something with you to encourage you if you PM me.

    Have you ever wondered if Elizabeth and Phillip have colostomy bags?... just think about it, in a human... kind of compassionate way, Simon? eh?

  • cantleave

    Cofty - I've seen clearer UFO photos!

  • cofty

    Yeah I know I grabbed a shot with my mobile phone from back of the crowd. There were a couple of serious looking men in suits just out of shot who looked as if they would "discourage" anybody from getting too close

    She is diminutive; that's Philip trailing along behind beside the Lord Lieutenant. She was on her way to say "How do you do" to the Lifeboat crew

  • cantleave

    I saw Prince charles years ago at Beaulea, he was opening the monorail. I was about 7 and even then I thought he was a short ass.

  • Quandry

    I think that the monarchy gives the English such a sense of history...a link with the past. In America we are lacking in this regard. what beautiful ceremonies with carriages and wonderful uniforms on the soldiers. I'll bet they do make alot of money for the country from the tourists.

  • aquagirl

    I saw a queen today too,but mine was wearing a lovely violet miniskirt,and had 4oclock shadow.

  • sammielee24

    I got to see some of Canada Day from Ottawa, on television. I don't have an issue with the Queen and I rather like the traditional pomp and ceremony. The entertainment was great! sammieswife

  • beksbks
    I think that the monarchy gives the English such a sense of history...a link with the past. In America we are lacking in this regard.

    I think of the Founding Fathers and the institutions of government they put in place for us as our link. It's amazing if you look in to why we do things the way we do. They had so much foresight.

    Have you ever been to Boston or Philadelphia Quandry?

    Ok, sorry Canadians and Brits back to Monarchy love.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Also, keep in mind she wasn’t born to be a Queen. It was only because Uncle Edward abdicated his throne that her father became a King, and she subsequently became a Queen.

  • Podobear

    My U.S. ex-bros and sis... Maybe that is why UK and Canadian JW's stay loyal longer...

    They understand the principles of Monarchy and Kingdom, Parliament, Lords (and ladies), constituencies and Members of Parliament much better.

    It is simple to understand the "Kingdom" arrangement, we were always taught. A Monarch subject to God, with appointed lords (and ladies), in a house representing constituents. In the UK 627 (? sic.) elected MP's to represent 60million citizens, in the Kingdom of God something similar with 144,000 representing about 20-25 billion known human beings that have walked or lived on this planet.

    All the pageantry that has evolved in the UK is not unlike the unfolding of the Judeo-Christian Congregation.

    A Monarchy depends on loyalty to survive.. it can be corrupted by Pretenders to the throne. The Christian congregation is no different.

    The dissenters and agitators eventually get sent to the Tower! (read into that what you like [LOL])


    Watch that space for the new youth of Royalty in the UK.. if Harry somehow pips William to the throne.... We are gonna party BIG TIME (for once)


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