I saw the Queen today - well sort of

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    Broken Promises

    I kinda feel sorry for Prince Charles. All his life he’s been waiting to be King, but it means his mother has to die first. He’s already into his 60s, with the Queen showing no signs of slowing down. And top of that, popular opinion has shown that the public would rather bypass him as King and go straight to William!

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    Now now Lady Lee,

    when you look in the mirror, smile, don't you consider yourself a Queen?

    If you don't, you should. Ain't nothin' wrong with a healthy dose of self


  • cofty

    This was her last year on a flying visit to Eyemouth in Scotland where I work, she's the one wearing the blue lampshade. Bless you Maam, I think she is a star for somebody her age.

  • Scott77

    I recall vising the Buckingham Palace in the UK in 1998 but was unlucky to see the Queen. I had a chance to tour her residence and it was so beautful inside with pictures of world leaders including Nelson Mandela. The place is well organised with up-to-date video feeds for tourists.

  • Finally-Free

    She will be at my workplace (Ontario Legislature) on Tuesday but I won't see her. I had already booked that day off as a vacation day.


  • Podobear

    This is a really interesting demonstaration of the spectrum of love and hate the world has toward Our Royal Family.

    The Organisation all of us have left operates on exactly the same principle.. as does practically every "closed" order of the Churches.

    The young Princes know this and know they are privilege because of the love that their caring mother instilled into them.

    Elizabeth enjoys the view from her room at Highgrove, especially in the Spring when the tulips line the path to the garden gate. Charles escapes civic duty by Helicopter at the weekend, dons his wellingtons and digs for England in his own vegetable patch, no doubt to forget the duties of "The Firm", and paints the scene from the Garden gate of the view over the steeple of Tetbury church and sells the paintings in the shop at Highgrove.

    Elizabeth had charity mugs made and other memorabilia and opened their Ancestral Home to raise money to rebuilt the burnt wing of Windsor Castle.. to avoid stretching the Public purse.

    William may well inherit the crown because Elizabeth has fought hard for her and the Principles of the Church of England to defend the right of marriage and is well aware of the schism in the Church of England that is bound to breach if an adulterer becomes our future King and the "Head" of the Church in England. What principles you ask? There is more behind the scenes than you could know.

    And what of Charles' private bungalow and memorial to his beloved (first) wife Diana? The only building in the estate you cannot enter in respect of his private space and privacy?? I see no angst in the eyes of the princes over the tragic loss of our mother.. for their sakes is speculation over her demise justified?

    The family is a road show, to make Merry ol' England the tourist photo shoot that it is... it is old, it is history... IT is dead.

    All we have left is Queen Elton, and a Candle in the wind.. to remind us of past glories and the day that we had.

    Enjoy your photo shoot Lady Lee.. I for one, am proud of you lady, so please ignore the ignorance of your Republican compatriots who have their view of British life straight up their a**es!

    Read what you will into that Simon, and when your head is out of your backside, get the facts straight before you start slating what you do not know.

    George, cheers mate, and sorry about the footie... let's hope Murray can try and wave the flag of Scotland tomorrow amongst the sea of strawberries and cream at Wimbledon 'eh?!

    Long live King......... William

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Well I saw her - with my own eyes and got it on the camera. I will post them a bit later.

    For a woamn her age to be doing what she does is remarkable. I live in a building with senior's. Very few could maintain the schedule she does. Just today alone she had to listen to "God Save the Queen" for the zillionth time. Isn't she sick of it by now?

    Then walk back and forth in front of the guard (RCMP here) and stand in the sun the whole time - no wonder she wears "lampshades". Then they had her walk quite a distance to the main stage and had her sit ON the stage to the right side and then blasted rap music at her at a sound level that would make many deaf people cringe. If she has hearing aids I bet she had them turned off. I would have. I like some rap music now that I am getting used to it but louder than the jet planes that flew overhead is way more than I could tolerate.

    All this formality. I know she has some say in what she will or won't do but really the woman's life is not her own. I wonder how many times in her life she would love to chuck it all. It isn't a job I would want. Cutting ribbons, opening museums, attending "function" entertainimg people, going everywhere just to be seen.

    Personally I think she does earn her keep. Sorry Simon. Many of the others are not just free-loaders. Many are involved in the arts, charities and other work that helps people. Some actually work for a living. Let's not forget too that the monarchy has its own wealth. Its not like they are totally living off of the people.

    Well I'm glad I can now say I saw the Queen

  • Scott77

    Thanks for the latest updates, Lady Lee. :)

  • cofty

    My views on the monarchy have changed radically since leaving the borg.

    By separating the head of government from head of state It allows us Brits to oppose the government and the Prime Minister with a passion without feeling unpatriotic.

    For example if our troops are in a war we disagree with there is a separation from the queen they are fighting for and the government who sent them into the conflict

    There are hangers-on around the royal family but nothing like there once was. I have gone from religious to atheist and from republican to royalist in roughly the same time.

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