I saw the Queen today - well sort of

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    My camera got to see her - the back of her. Too many people for me to get through with the wheelchair. I stood up held my camera in the air and clicked in the direction I hoped she was in. I didn't even know until I got home and saw the news whether I actually had her in a frame or not.

    I did get a face view of her husband, Prince Phillip though.

    So why was I there and what is the big deal?

    Well I wasn't going to see her. I was going to get my bus pass but because I am in a wheelchair there are only a couple of places in the entire city where I can buy it. I ususally go downtown and get it at the city hall. If I had gone for the trnsit office I migth ahve missed the road blocks but as it was I ran right into them and then figured that since I was there I might as well see if I could get a look.

    I was born at a time when the Queen was more than just a figurehead of Canada. We sang the anthem "God Save the Queen" in school (pre-JW). Her face is still on a lot of our money. And while she doesn't "rule" Canada she is still our Queen. She became Queen in the year I was born and lord help me when I was little I wanted to marry Prince Charles - glad THAT one didn't work out

    So arms raised high I started snapping even though I couldn't see a thing.

    I'm going to Parliament Hill tomorrow for the Party on the Hill and hope to catch Barenaked Ladies (the group - not naked ladies) and actor Christopher Plummer (Sound of Music among many other things)

    The Queen will be there also so maybe I will get a better chance at a picture.

  • Simon

    Bloody free-loading royals ... about the only thing the French got right was handling monarchy.

    (hmmn, did I insult enough people with once sentence?)

    I've only seen the Queen once and that was in Edmonton at the Commonwealth Games.


    Elton John is in Canada?..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • Podobear

    Nice one Outlaw!!

    .. btw.. the young Royals are an entirely different breed.

    Cheers Elton.. We still sing Candle in the Wind.. and God rest you and bless you Diana.

  • beksbks

    Christopher Plummer!! "Swoooooon"

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    OK I know Simon they are eating up our tax money and I hate how the monarchy treated Diana

    but but but it's a once in a lifetime thing - just to say I saw her - especially to tell my 5 yr old grand-daughter I saw a real queen

  • tec

    Edmonton gets in a big uproar over all the money spent too - but obviously enough people still want to see her that they need to keep control of the huge crowds.


  • watson


  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Bloody free-loading royals ... about the only thing the French got right was handling monarchy.

    As far as the UK is concerned they make us a fair bit of money. Every day we have hundreds of thousands of tourists doing the 'Royal' bits, Buckingham Palace, Windsor, etc etc. I see hoards of Japanese tourists at the gate snapping away and think of all the money they are spending! Then there is all the peripheral business such as hotels and resturants. I am sure many of these tourists only come for the relatively unique system we have here.

    In addition to tourism there is a complete 'Royal' industry in nick-nacks and books and magazines. Without the Royal Family a lot of people would be worse off or even unemployed. They earn their keep.


  • Lozhasleft

    I dont know about 'earning' their keep when they live with such wealth, luxury and privilege. I think the Queen herself has been hard working but the rest just have a financial ball at our expense ...they already have enormous wealth of their own. Another realm it really is....

    I saw Diana when she was newly married on a tour....they did treat her abominably.

    Loz x

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