Watchtower Ambulance????

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  • tenyearsafter

    My question too Man in Black!

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    It's actually really from the WT society. It is used in Brooklyn to take any seriously ill bethelites to the hospital.

    The Oracle

  • laverite

    Wow. Really smart of them to have this. With the cost of taxis in NYC let alone ambulances, this must pay for itself many times over (esp. considering how old so many are there).

  • tenyearsafter

    Thanks Oracle...goes nicely with the WT Fire Department I remember seeing when I went to the WT Farm.

  • nelly136

    nice symbols on the back

    The rod of Asclepius ( ? ; sometimes also spelled Asklepios or Aesculapius), also known as the asklepian, [ 1 ] is an ancient symbol associated with astrology, the GreekgodAsclepius, and with medicine and healing. It consists of a serpent entwined around a staff. The name of the symbol derives from its early and widespread association with Asclepius, the son of Apollo, who was a practitioner of medicine in ancient Greek mythology. His attributes, the snake and the staff, sometimes depicted separately in antiquity, are combined in this symbol. [ 2 ] The Rod of Asclepius also represents the constellation Ophiuchus (or Ophiuchus Serpentarius), considered by some to be the thirteenth sign of the sidereal zodiac. Hippocrates himself was a worshipper of Asclepius. [ 3 ]

  • steve2

    An apt caption:

    "We cause people to jump off cliffs, so it's only fair that our ambulance is there to pick em up from the bottom."

  • recovering

    I work at the closest hospital to Bethel and have seen the ambulance many times. Interesting side point one of the Dr,s who agreed to to bloodless surgury, on a witness from bethel ,was actually sued for post surgical complications. He vowed never to agree to treat another witness .

  • carla

    Allowing you to die en route before those pesky doctors try to save your life!

    HLC's on board 24/7! Ensuring you do not falter and ask for b-l-o-o-d.

    Deathmobile- to pick up your loved ones before worldly people attempt to save a life.

    Get a jump on death! Use our ambulance services call 1-die-4org

  • blondie

    I don't know about Brooklyn Bethel, but Wallkill has their own fire department and EMT to create some goodwill with the local government not to drain services that are funded by local taxes. The WTS is not required to pay taxes as a non-profit (or a small amount) so rather than build up more animosity because of that they pay for the equipment and buildings that serve that facility as well as provide Bethel staff and training. I can imagine the same PR approach is happening in Bethel.

  • ana_dote

    "ambulance"...yeah right....we all know that's just an empty van on the inside!

    just like everything else with the WTS....they put up good appearances to be something of value on the outside, but once you look inside there's just NOTHING THERE.

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