Why has God allowed this to go on for so long

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  • miseryloveselders

    The thing that always bugged me is why does God chooses to stay so far off the radar. Anytime I've had a problem with someone, I take it directly to them for bad or worse. I can't sleep knowing I've got an issue with someone over something that needs resolved. So I apply that same principle to God, and thinking if you have an issue with your sovereignty, or an issue with people not doing what you want them to do.........why not just come out and say it? Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." God hasn't made his presense felt in a strong way for a good 4000 years. 2000 years if you're a Trinitarian. Where is the evidence?

    You don't speed in areas where troopers are known for using the radar gun and giving tickets. You respect their presense, and to do the speed limit is not a difficult thing to swallow. Religion on the other hand puts a stigma on anything and everything that seems natural and pleasurable. You get to the point where if it seems like fun, looks like fun, seems natural to do, then it probably is a sin. Who's telling you its a sin? Not God. Nope, another man or group of men who claim to be speaking on God's behalf. I don't want recieve God's instructions from men who claim to speako on His behalf. I want to hear it from Him. So until he speaks, people will continue to do whatever they choose to do. As they've been doing for thousands of years. If God exists, he just lets it go on. Exodus 20:19 talks about how the Israelites were terrified of God's voice and requested that Moses do all the talking for now on. So they feared God's voice and presense. I fear I may be living my life in fear of someone that doesn't exist.

  • gubberningbody

    I'd like better answers than the one I've found so far.

    1. It's your fault. Fix it f*cker.

    2. I don't exist. Fix it f*cker.

    3. You're confused, it's all good. There's nothing to fix f*cker.

    4. It's a game and if you stick around, it'll all be good. Be patient, f*cker.

    The problems I have with these four are:

    1. Prove that it's my fault. I object to being convicted by a tampered with jury, and a kangaroo court, you assh*le.

    2. If you don't exist, then what's the origin of complexity. Perhaps a certain amount of evolution, "unrolling" works, but as far as I can see any argument for life's development over the last 200 million years falls way short of any reasonable explanation when you ask for the details. Don't tell me you don't exist. I can see you wiggling behind the curtain, you assh*le.

    3. If it's "all good" from your perspective, then f*ck you, you assh*le.

    4. Yeah, a game huh? That's sporting of you to involve us without our permission in this entertainment. Assh*le.

  • PSacramento

    What would YOU like God to do? and why can't WE do it?

    For those that don't believe in A God, this question is pointless so no need to dicuss it at all, but for those that do, what would you like God to do?

  • watson

    The God of the Hebrew Scriptures is very interested in the Sanctification and Vindication of his Name. That takes first place. When he sees that it's been vindicated enough then he will put a stop to the experiment. Then he will make it all better by destroying all that don't accept him, and resurecting all those that had to go through death. It's kind of complex, but it's all there to see in the Bible .

  • aquagirl

    SSPO,dingdingding!!!!!We have,a winner!!!!!

  • gubberningbody

    Watson, that's a demiurge, not the God.

    Sacramento. I'd like him to go back in time and do it right or not at all.

  • PSacramento
    Sacramento. I'd like him to go back in time and do it right or not at all.

    And what are you willing to give up for that?

    I mean, if God stops it all and goes back to the drawing board, all THIS, all US, would cease to exist, it never would have happened, ALL OF IT.

    You ok with that?

    And you woudl want God to NOT allow for free will and control everything, right?

    You OK with that too?

  • changeling

    Once you wrap your brain around the possibility of their being no God (or at least one who intervenes in human affairs), you will see very clearly that it's up to humankind to make or break the good thing we've got going on on this beautiful planet.

  • Soldier77

    What gets me is that God created us with free will, our own intelligent brain, yet when that interferes with his sovereignty (aka Adam and Eve's disobedience and Satans challenge) he punishes us. Those that are born AFTER the sin was committed. So we are suffering for someone else's mistake.

    Also, didn't God think that if he were to give us free will that there will be those that rebel and do their own thing? I mean look at the angels... (if that is even a true story) a third of them rebelled against God. But these were given free will as well. You would think that after creating the angels and letting them live for who knows how many gazillion years before we popped on the scene that he would have seen that free will was going to lead to rebellion at some point?

    Or maybe this is all an experiment on his part? This is the only reality I know and that we all know, maybe this is all we get and he is up in heaven shaking his head watching us being lead to believe that we will someday live in some utopic paradise.

    Or maybe when we die we do go somewhere else other than fertilizer. Who knows, but I need to start living my life as it is probably the only life I live.

  • Snotrag

    God is waiting for humans to see that the only way this life works right is by the WILLING acceptance of his rules of order. It is pretty basic that if all human life were to use the rules of the sermon on the mount as a means to live and do so because they WANT to, the morass of mess that exists now will begin to change.

    The problem is that there are so many people who have decided that they are the leaders of mankind because they have better weapons or more money or just because they want to they step over everyone else. If the entire wealth of the world was put to use a s a source to solve problems instead of create them, the problems would begin to disappear. The only problem that requires the existence of God is to remove death.

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