Unbelievable!! Family member at my leasing office!

by IronHill 38 Replies latest jw experiences

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    lol otwo, I suppose we were reading each others minds

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Send it. You'd be doing the owner a big, big favor. He or she deserves to know.

    Religious bigotry is no excuse for discourteous treatment.

    Marvin Shilmer

  • BabaYaga

    I agree with Drew and OntheWay, do not mention she is your cousin. Regarding professionalism, that is a moot point, it will muddle the case, and not in your favor.

  • undercover

    I'm with Drew and OTWO... too much info.

    Edit it down to the facts. Leave out the relationship angle or your perception of the offending party's behavior. Pretend that it's just another employee of the company that is continuing to cause you, the client, problems. State the problem, the expectations of the company to rectify and end on a positive note that you're sure the company will work to resolve the issue to everyone's satisfaction.

    That should be enough for them to speak to the employee about their unprofessional behavior. Just realize though, that it's only going to fuel this person's "hatred" of you and will probably result in harsher words from them to other dubs or family.

  • IronHill

    Great suggestions everyone, thanks for your help. It does sound better the way proposed.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Oh, don't put a personal return name on such a letter and deliver it to the office unless you put it in the hand of her boss. She will probably throw it away if it comes past her desk. An anonymous letter marked PERSONAL or a hand delivery to the person would be better.

  • Scott77

    Their [JWs] behaviours are appealing to say the least.

  • Scully

    Dear Office Manager:

    It is my unpleasant duty to bring to your attention two separate incidents with an employee in the leasing office. It is a very basic expectation that dealings between tenants and employees in the leasing office take place in a spirit of respect and professional decorum and courtesy. I feel that this very basic requirement was not met by your employee, Ms. XYZ, for the following reasons:

    On (Day, date Month, year) my wife, Mrs. IronHill contacted the leasing office for information and asked to speak with you directly to answer our questions. Ms. XYZ did not answer the telephone in a professional manner, failing to offer a professional salutation and return a simple polite greeting. When Mrs. IronHill posed the questions of Ms. XYZ, she was responded to in very abrupt, forceful terms and in a tone that made it clear that Ms. XYZ had no desire to answer our questions, and abruptly ended the call, by what appeared to my wife to be forcefully slamming down the handset. While her behaviour was rude in and of itself, it has resulted in our feeling hesitant to contact the office again, to avoid having to deal with such disrespectful communications.

    Today, (Day, date Month, year) we called the office again in an attempt to make arrangements to have our pool passes held for us, or placed at our door, since we cannot visit the office in person during business hours due to our work schedules. Although Ms. XYZ agreed to hold the passes, she advised us that only our daughters would be welcome to pick them up from her at her home. We also inquired about guest passes and how to go about purchasing them, and again in an angry tone, Ms. XYZ informed us that we would have to come to the office in person for those. When we again brought up our difficulty in visiting the office in person due to our employment obligations, Ms. XYZ agreed to hold them, but stated that only our daughters were welcome to come to her door to pick them up and complete the transaction. Quite frankly, it is offensive to us that she will only complete a transaction with us via our children, and refuses to meet with us personally to complete a business transaction, which we as leaseholders are contractually entitled to complete with your employee. Our children, while they are trustworthy, are legally under no obligation to participate in our financial transactions with the leasing office or its agents.

    My desire in writing to you directly is to remedy this situation immediately so that we are not further subjected to the psychological abuse of your employee, Ms. XYZ. My wife and I wish to be treated with all due professional courtesy and respect, just like any other tenant; no more and no less. In turn, we agree to be good tenants, pay our rent on time and reasonably enjoy the comforts of our home. Whatever Ms. XYZ’s personal issues with my wife or myself may or may not be (I can only assume that the issues are personal, otherwise I would not need to be writing this letter), they need to be set aside in the interest of maintaining a professional relationship with your office.



  • Quandry

    Yes, Scully's letter is more businesslike, and addresses the point quite succinctly. There is no need to mention that this employee is your cousin.

    You are deserving of respectful treatment just like any other tennant.

    I hope at the very least she gets a talking to....at which point she'll probably try to explain the JW viewpoint and how you are apostate...which will sound crazy to the boss!

  • Scott77

    I think IronHill did just what was needed given the situation it was. However, I wish a telephone conversation if taped, would have been an added advantage to shame that cousin. I recall working at an institution where there were two active JWs. Although we were in different departments, they made my job a bit hard through gossiping, backbitting and spreading harmful rumours. Eventually, I had no choice but to leave the job. I asked myself, is not what they were doing not exactly the sorts the WTS discourages in their watchtower magazines? It happened when I was under their constant illegal and court unapproved surveilliance. I had stoped going to their meeting and I was on way to be out eventually. After leaving my work place, I eventually found solace by reading X-JW stories at JWN.

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