Anyone have a Kindle or a Nook?

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  • Simon

    I really don't like the iPad (or Apple) but I think an eBook reader would be nice. Nothing made by Sony though ...

    The Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook look to be the best (esp. with the recent price reductions) but I'd like any insight from anyone who has one. In particular, how you find it if you are in Canada - I like the B&N Nook but it doesn't seem as 'Eh!-friendly' as the Kindle does (really? "eBook downloads can't be 'shipped' outside of the USA" ?!?).

    I would probably want to load some PDF books onto it as well.


  • dgp

    I'm trying to get one of those devices myself, but I'm of several minds at the moment.

    I understand the Nook is better for PDF and for eBooks, and Barnes and Noble has more titles. However, some people say that the iPad will kill the market for e-readers. So, at the moment I am in "wait-and-see" mode.

  • tenyearsafter

    Hi Simon,

    I have a Kindle and love it. The "liquid ink" read out is very easy on the eyes and is especially nice in bright light. The ability to just download a book wirelessly from Amazon is a big plus as well. It didn't take me very long to forget I wasn't reading a traditional book. If I were to buy another one, I would go for the larger screen size, especially if you plan to read newspapers or magazines on it. Hope that helps...


  • DaCheech

    my wife has the sony. no glitches

  • palmtree67

    Hi, Simon!

    I have the Kindle and I LOVE IT!!

    Downloading is easy, most books are around $10 ( the price of a paperback, anyways ) and there are many free downloads, too.

    My man loves Sherlock Holmes and we downloaded the entire library for around $2.

    Right now, alot of authors are offering free downloads on one of their books, because if you like it, you'll probably download others.

    Also, you can get your emails, while on vacation, but not be totally conneccted to work.

    I love my kindle.

  • lesabre

    you can also go on facebook, e-mail, play sudoku, play mp3's on you're kindle 2. i recommend getting the book for kindle that shows all the little things you can do. i think it was only a couple $....

  • lesabre

    you can also go on facebook, e-mail, play sudoku, play mp3's on you're kindle 2. i recommend getting the book for kindle that shows all the little things you can do. i think it was only a couple $....

  • kurtbethel

    I installed the KIndle software on to the PC to see what it would be like. It would not import any of my local ebook files, PDF or plain text. I do not know if the hardware device can do that, but if not I give it a FAIL since it cuts me off from my existing library.

    I use a pocket PC for an ebook reader, handles lots of formats and works great at a low cost.

  • BurnTheShips

    I have a first generation Kindle I got as a Christmas present 18 months ago. It has no native PDF support. It is nearly worthless to me. I like to download research and books that are available online in PDF format, whether for free or from subscriptions. I can't do that easily. Mobi file converter software can do it, but the process takes time and is a headache, and the results aren't always good. Amazon offers a PDF conversion service, but they charge you for it.

    The external fit and finish on this Kindle is not so good, and the ergonomics need work.

    I have not used the 2nd Gen Kindle model, so they may have corrected these problems.

    I also own an iPad through my business for software development, and I am not terribly impressed here either. It doesn't work so well with this website, for instance. Additionally, when I try to use it to read a 400 page PDF, it crashes, or does not scroll smoothly. It does not support flash. I wouldn't spend my money on a personal iPad.


  • imissmaine

    I have had the Nook since January and absolutely love it! I did a lot research and decided that I preferred the Nook over the Kindle.

    Here are some good feature comparisons:

    Some of my favorite features are the ability to "loan" books you own. Not all books can be loaned out, but quite a few can. The ability to test read whole books while in a Barnes & Noble. Free wifi access in the store as well.

    The Kindle is a good product, I just preferred the touchscreen vs the Kindle keyboard and a few other features. You will get a good product no matter which one you pick!

    All in all I have been very happy! Getting ready to buy my wife one here shortly as well!

    Good luck with your search!

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