What Are Some "Strange" Beliefs Jehovah's Witnesses Have?

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    Sodomites won't get a resurrection.....minimus

    Why should Sodimites get it in the ass,because of WBT$ Rules?..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • MsDucky

    Don't believe what apostates say even if they show you that it's written in dub literature.

  • tec

    That Jesus is the angel of the abyss/Apollyon/Abaddon, which means destroyer. That they themselves are the locust curse. I would have named saying that Jesus is the Archangel Michael, but someone already mentioned. That always seemed to me like that were trying to establish an identity for Jesus just to disprove the trinity.


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Playing chess is unchristian among others. The whole religion and belief system is strange.

    Think About It

  • TD

    From the standpoint of Christian theology, this is the strangest of all (IMO)

    1. All of mankind in collectively bloodguilty

    2. Jesus is the avenger of blood

    3. The organization corresponds to the ancient 'City of Refuge'

    Therefore you need to stay inside the organization lest you be caught outside and killed by the avenger of blood (!!)

    I usually defend Jehovah's Witnesses from some of the more outrageous claims that are made against them, but this leaves me speechless.

    Portraying Christ as your adversary and enemy who wants you dead is not even remotely Christian.

  • cantleave

    Don't forget the FACT that Jehovah is watching you have sex, so don't enjoy it too much and keep the marriage bed undefiled.

    (This Jehovah must be perverted!)

  • minimus

    I like it....

    Believe everything we say EVEN if we're wrong. WAIT ON JEHOVAH= accepting what we say no matter how ridiculous. Case in point: the literal heart is what is mentioned in the Bible. Love Jehovah with your whole heart means the actual pumping organ! It took years for them to reconsider that they were stupid.

  • worldtraveller

    I remember someone telling me that wind chimes were not permitted. Something like that.

    I also remember that I was yelled at for waving to some picketers while commuting. Not allowed to be polite?? PS. I told him it was none of his damn business who I wave to! I think it was around that point I realized I was wasting my time working with him. 3 years later still not fully paid. Perhaps they think there's no reason to pay, because the end is ALWAYS near.

  • leavingwt

    Jehovah's Witnesses believe it is sinful for two married people to enjoy oral sex with each other.

  • mrsjones5

    I think it's strange for a jw spouse to rat out their spouse about certain sexual acts done within the marriage. I don't get that.

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