Atheists - how do you feel about magic / demonism?

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  • hamsterbait

    Twitch -

    Oui c'est vrai...


  • cantleave

    AIW - I have bought my kids all the Harry Potter books and Films. They are much less worrying than the "My Book of Bible Stories" and the "Paradise" book I had as a kid.

  • mentallyfree31

    I have my address posted on my mailbox for all to see, so if Satan and his demons would like to come by and introduce themselves, they know where to find me. I left the "one true religion" a few months back, and they haven't showed up and possessed me yet. I'm still waiting.

    On a serious note, if somebody pulled out a Ouija board, I'm sure I would be a little apprehensive, solely because of my JW training that I was indoctrinated with for so many years. However, I would definitely jump right in just to prove there are no demons.

    Life is so much easier and makes much more sense without all these invisible demons everywhere around me. I'm glad to be rid of those fears.


  • bohm

    Alice: I can do better than that, i just ate satans bacon!* (see above). Daemons, witches, elfes, wizards, trolls, gnomes, evil spirits or smurfs hold no power over those who are so fortunate they have not been indoctrinated to believe in them, or those who has managed to free their mind from their influence. Its a really silly question. Are you often afraid Shiva the destroyer will fry your ass till its crispy?

    *cantleave - perhaps poor old satan has to watch his sodium - you think i should try with prune juice the next time? It is such a pity our resident daemon expert has gone missing

  • bohm

    mentallyfree - if you play the Ouija board, press slightly onto the glass and watch the fingers of those who you are playing with. you will be able to spot if anyone is pushing the glass.

    Another thing you can do is to lay out a game of card face down around the ouija board, and ask satan if he can find a specific card. i bet that satan require one of you to know where it is before he has a chance.

  • mentallyfree31

    bohm - funny stuff. With a little imagination and some phobias, the dubs can come up with some spooky stories about demons. Esp when you throw medication and/or mental problems into the mix.


  • aquagirl

    The house was in Mexico Beach Florida,by Port St Joe.I still dont know what to make of it,nothing prolly.But it was strange.I have always prayed for aliens to come and take me at night when I am out in a big field,or at the lake.Never even a shadow of interest.Stupid aliens....Never been tormented by demons or the such either.On the other hand,those damned horseflies.....

  • mrsjones5

    For example, would you buy your children a Harry Potter gift set

    My daughter has read every last one of the Harry Potter books (I've read a few of them too - I think I have 3 books to go) and as a family we've seen all of the Harry Potter movies that have been released multiple times. None of my children or myself have seen anything that could be thought of as demonic.

    P.S. My mother (jw) bought my daughter a Harry Potter book too.

  • PrimateDave

    Harry Potter is nothing compared to the Silent Hill video game series. It deals with some pretty strong horror themes. There are monsters, ghosts, and demons. Even the environments themselves change. One moment you might be in a fairly normal looking hospital, and the next moment it has turned into some alternative hellish place with blood stained walls and rooms where you hear unexplained noises and breathing. I have several of the games in the series and the movie adaptation on my hard drive. No demunz bother me!

  • mrsjones5

    Currently I'm reading the Dresden Files series and that too is chock full of demons, wizards, warlocks, fae folk, ghosts, demi gods, mythical creatures, several different kinds of vampires (I thought there was just one kind), werewolves, and I'm not sure I got them all. No demons here.

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