Atheists - how do you feel about magic / demonism?

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  • EndofMysteries

    Curious, as ones not believing in any spirit creatures, would you feel completely at ease performing a summon demon ritual, or using ancient magic words, that absolutely nothing would happen? Or deep down would you have a 'what if' restraint preventing you?

  • PrimateDave

    I had a book on Ceremonial Magick. There are rituals that are practiced for psychic protection. Even the Tetragammaton is used in magick. Ultimately, though, it boils down to a mental routine that probably causes changes in the subconscious mind of the practitioner. One could practice various forms of structured meditation techniques and accomplish similar results. One aspect of Ceremonial Magick has to do with Astral Projection. I believe this to be a form of lucid dreaming. Just as my subconscious mind is capable of creating people with whom I can interact in my dreams, so can it also recreate environments and entities into which people claim to "astral project". I also believe that "demons" are products of the subconscious mind. There could exist as yet unexplained paranormal phenomena in the real world, but I do not attribute such things to angels or demons.

  • EndofMysteries

    Kinda off topic, but since you mentioned dreams, they still amaze me. I did a lot of research into them years ago. How most are made, what effects them, etc.

    The part that really amazes me though, is how if you try to 'imagine' a completely fake city, world, house, etc, that doesn't exist, it's hard to create such a fake world without just using things you've already seen. Yet in dreamworld, your mind creates places you've never been to, with such detail, and people within it.

  • zeroday*

    Atheist here...all BS if you ask me...come on Satan I'm here God doesn't answer will you...

  • millions now living are dead
    millions now living are dead

    I don't believe in a God as layed out by JW's or any Christian religion. However, all it takes is a sincere intent and a willingness to see there is more going on. If you really astral project, there is no doubt in your mind that you literally are in another dimension. It's as real as regular 3d world. It will make you unafraid of death except that you may be afraid that emotional or psychological pain may continue on after death. I think athiesm is a good step in forgetting the way most of us were taught about God. Most athiests are angry which is a way of still staying connected with God as they knew him. Sort of like the kid in school who acted out to try and get the attention of the teachers. He was really looking for love. If you can get past that and are really curious, there are all sorts of goodies to explore. (Actually, I'm still a little angry)


  • doofdaddy

    Agree with Primatedave

  • steve2

    I wouldn't classify myself as an athiest - I'm more a doubter in what or who"God" is.

    Anyway, magic and demonism are mostly tricks of the trade - they work because of people's ignorance. Once you know how magic is performed, it's no longer magic. As for demons - come on! Humans are quite capable of evil all by themselves without needing to shift the blame. Flip Wilso, the black comedian said it best: "The devil made me do it". Nothing quite like blaming something else for one's "sins".

  • jookbeard

    agree with PD and MNLAD, if the God of this system Satan is alive and well and roaming the Earth tempting folks to turn away from the true God then he must have a place of residence and it must be possible for folk to interact with him and his pals the Demonz, this of course is impossible, I've often asked Fundy Christians,Dubs etc and they have always had an unsatisfactory response to my request, this of course throws out any credible belief in a holy book that writes about rebelling angels being thrown out of heaven/the serpent tempting Eve/The Nephilim/Satan speaking with Jesus and trying to tempt him, the simple fact is that all these legends are all utter Baloney and should be accepted as Baloney.

    No one more then me would like to see existence of a horned evil devil and demons just dont tell me look at this system of things or look at the wickedness we see, I demand far more proof.

  • bohm

    I just tried to pray to lucifer, the devil, big D before, and nothing happened. If you know a more efficient mean of communication just let me know and i will tell you what happends if you say it!

    One of the first things me and my girlfriend did after she woke up was play "the spirit in the glass". Guess what, nothing happened there either..

    If one look at who attracts satan, daemons and that kind of ilk the most, believers or atheists, my emidiate conclusion would be satan is afraid of us atheists :-)

  • Scully

    It would be like summoning Zeus or Poseidon or Hermes or Apollo. Pointless and a complete waste of time. That's why I wouldn't bother uttering a "magick" phrase, not because of some lingering fear of "what if".

    I agree with primatedave that those phrases are more than anything a way to induce a self-hypnotic trance state, whereby you are in a highly suggestible mental state and can be tricked into believing in things that simply aren't there.

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