"Jesus did not die on the cross" (Gunnar Samuelsson)

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  • Pterist

    The method of Christ death would have some requirements as the LAMB of GOD, foreshadowed in the Jewish law.

    No bones broken.

    Blood drained.

    Thus fullfilling scripture and also the legal requirement that his life blood be spilled out, as the LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD...penalty paid

    His resurrected body was no illusion, it just did NOT have any blood....

  • EdLouisiana

    Sorry that I am resurrecting a long-dormant thread, but I was able to read what Mr. Samuelsson had to say about Roman crucifixion (or is it suspension-on-wood?) is that the ancient texts are as clear as mud. That I agree with. Although he does mention the use of the word stauros by Diodorus Siculus to denote a Roman crucifixion type of suspension which was certainly going on in his day. Same thing with Lucian in Prometheus. Ditto Philo in In Flaccum 72 although the author missed that one.

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