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  • sd-7

    Great point, wasblind! The Reasoning book is like, 3 iterations behind on "this generation". Classic.

  • wasblind

    Where to look in the Reasoning from the Scriptures bookabout the 1914 generation

    page 97 ,234, 239, and 242

    who are they gonna blame for writing this stuff that they themselves do even believe in any more. The apostates?

  • wasblind

    Correction: Who are they gonna blame for writing this stuff that they don't even believe in anymore. The apostates?

  • baltar447

    SD-7, It is a BG reference but I'm not a huge fan actually. BTW, be sure and use a browser that has a incognito mode. Do all your research, JWN surfing on that and it won't leave a trail of breadcrumbs. Pain in the rear to keep logging in but better than having to explain yourself. Be sure and do some regular surfing on a browser with history so it looks like you were surfing like normal.

  • StAnn

    sd, I'm raising my two stepchildren. Their bio-mom died. I have a biological child and can tell you that you love them the same. So, good for you.

    Have you read Captives of a Concept by Don Cameron? If not, get the book from the internet. It will help you talk to your wife. And DON'T go back to the K-Hole.


  • cantleave

    Move on - enjoy the freedom of not being in a cult. Stop allowing their rules to affect your life.

    Yes, you have made mistakes - who hasn't? but stop beating yourself up over them. You are a good man, start believing ot.#

    If you haven't already done so, seek professional help.

    and BTW, keep entertaining us with your witty posts and satirical spoofs.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    As others have said, you need to stop beating yourself up.

    I've read through a number of your other posts and one theme that seems to keep coming up is that you consistently second guess your decision to question the organization, even believing that things may be better in your life if you never started an exit process, or even decided to go back.

    For example:

    I almost felt, to quote Wolverine, that I could "give these geeks one more try." But of course, I did just hang up on the chairman of my JC. Even if I wanted to go back, it'd be two years of perfect attendance before I'd even have a chance. But then, why the h*** would I go back? I'm out. My wife is still gonna treat me like crap if I go back--she might like me more temporarily, but I've been through that already, no point in getting my hopes up about it.

    Exiting the Watchtower, both physically and mentally, can take years. I was officially DF'd in 2007. Since then I have made some major life changes and finally finished college this past year. Three years to get my life moving on a different trajectory. I used to feel that my JW experience defined who I was, but now I am finally able to move on from that past life without having to think about it.

    About your wife.

    More than anything, she is probably fearful and resentful. Understand these emotions because they have nothing to do with the correctness of doctrines!

    She is fearful because she is now married to a person who no longer accepts "the truth." You are against god and everything she has ever been told. This is a grave threat to the perceived security the Watchtower provides to her.

    She is probably resentful because in a sense you have left her out to dry. When I first decided to stop attending meetings the first thing my wife did was feel anger that I was "leaving her", so to speak. She had to go to the meetings without me, which was a humiliating thing. My wife once put it this way (after she exited the WT):

    "The Witnesses provide no form of mobility for women. There are no special positions, appointments, or other opportunities that are afforded to men. As a women, the most important decision you can make as a witness is your marriage mate. That is it. Choose well and you will tag along with the perfect theocratic man and all of his accomplishments. Make the wrong choice and you are a loser"

    For your wife, as it was for my wife, every day she has a husband that stays away from "the truth" she is reminded that she made the wrong choice in regards to the most important decision she could make.

    I quickly understood what was happening and decided not to let my wife go it alone. I went back to meetings with her and we supported each other. She eventually came to see that it wasn't the truth. We both exited together within a year. Support is important!

    Since I was in pretty much the same situation I could speak forever on this. PM me if you want to chat. Otherwise, good luck!

  • Pistoff

    sd-7 is your mind really free yet?

    If I was df'd and did not want to go back, or even if I did, I would NEVER talk to an elder. I am faded, but I will not ever discuss anything with an elder other than the weather. You already know more than they do about doctrine and the bible, why bother talking with idiots??

    As for entertainment, the Matrix, really?? That is a great, but tame movie. Since you are out, get some really radical movies. Rent every Tarentino movie there is, watch them one night after another in full view of your wife. Rent Trainspotting, Sexy Beast, Fight Club. Ask your wife to watch them with you.

    Buy or borrow Black Sabbath albums, Ministry, Slayer; then see if she complains about Dylan again.

    Read the most subversive literature you can think of. Get a tattoo.

    EXPAND your mind; don't be afraid.

    As for the elders, my advice is don't even talk to them, or look at them. They are uneducated little tyrants who delight in pushing people around.

    It confuses them when you can't be pushed.

  • flipper

    SD-7- You certainly have been through the mill my friend. Been there, done that myself in life. Just remember the " Thought Police " as you so politely referred to them ( I refer to them as Nazi's ) i.e., the elders are going to have you in the sights of their guns on their radar - as long as they gleanany information about you through your wife. And don't think for a moment they DON't extract info from her about how YOU are doing. It's how they operate- covertly.

    The elders will continue to use your " guilt " about yourself to make you see that to be a normal human being - " you need to be at meetings ". But you and I know- that's just propaganda BS. The REAL reason the elders want you back in- is to control your life again. Do you REALLY want that to happen ? Think about it. Just my 2 cents

  • yknot

    I will be the voice from the other side........ >>>>>> THE ONLY WAY TO WIN THE GAME IS TO PLAY THE GAME <<<<<<


    why dont' you just 'woo her back'........

    You want to remain married to her, desire a shot at a happy and satisfying marriage.....

    You aren't going to be any influence to her until she begins to trust you again theocratically....

    Next time a JC member is nice to you .......... 'hint' that you might consider writing a letter if you were to be reinstated 3 months (yea I know it is usually 6 but this is a friggin game!) from said letter if you have perfect attendance and your wife is encouraged to take up the family worship night with you as lead...... kinda I will give a little if you blockheads will give a little-- you get some temporary peace and chance to reclaim your wife, they get to present you as a sheep gone astray and returned...... win effing win.

    It is the only way she will ever trust you enough to allow you to lead her to the truth about the 'troof'........

    It is a game..... long gone poster named 'bonafide' called 'EMBRACE THE HYPOCRISY'....... you just start to sound so freakin' uber that everyone can't disagree but you cause them to see the stupidity and myth of the lie and all the rules the 'responsible representatives of the slave class' make for everyone to obey....... if you wife bobs her hair, tell her to stop after you are reinstated because you don't want her to stumble anyone or to go bald! her the GA commentary and point out that it has never been reversed in the publications .... unlike say the curse of ham (show her the GA comment and then pull up the CD comment showing where the WTS officially changed it stance some 20+ years later.

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