Incoming communication from Borg elder

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  • palmtree67

    Put on your cape and grab your light saber and you'll feel much better.

    Haha! Just kidding, you know I loves ya!

    ((( sd-7 )))

  • sd-7

    Loz--Thank you.

    Undercover--You're dead-on, as always. I'm still not fully integrated into the f-word usage at this point, but um...I'll keep your advice in mind. I know I owe them nothing. Hmm. Moulin Rouge quote coming into my head. "This woman is yours now. I've paid my whore! I owe you nothing, and you are nothing to me." You said it well, Ewan McGregor. But you know, I wasn't planning on conversation with any of them--the phone call just kinda happened, and I guess the rudeness was forced out of me. The other elder, at least he didn't do anything on that day to warrant any rudeness on my part. I figure, sure, they're the hired thugs for a bunch of cult leaders, but that don't mean we gotta be rude to 'em. They're in an illusion. I'm just minding my business, looking after me and mine. That was just....whatever, you know? I let it pass with honor--better than retaliating with less than civil behavior. I'm still sort of a gentleman in matters of warfare, after all.

    miseryloveselders--You are correct--I've sort of addressed it before, but the baby is not my daughter. Wife had her while she was DF'd. I made a vow to myself when I found out she was pregnant that if the father didn't want to take care of the child--which he didn't--I would take care of it. She's a beautiful, smart, great kid, 2 years old now. Love her to death. Losing both my wife and [step]daughter would be a hard thing to take. So true what you said, and I can't help wondering if that particular elder was just holding back from yelling at me to my face for the sake of show. Wouldn't want to show your true face to my wife, now, would we?

  • baltar447

    Wow, your wife sounds REALLY uptight, even for a witness. Getting shorts in a wad over Avatar? I know there are some that try to justify hating whatever the latest cool movie is, but easily a majority of witnesses under 50 would go see Avatar.

    Picking on movie ratings is stupid because you go to another country and their standards are all different because the ratings are different. Find out what the movie is rated in Canada and if it's not a Canadian R then many witnesses have seen it.

  • sherah

    WT is actively recruiting apostates?!? Sorry you had to deal with those dikhead elders.

  • sd-7
    Put on your cape and grab your light saber and you'll feel much better.

    Ha! You've been staring at my picture, haven't you? Haven't you read Matt. 5:28, 29? Joke! But seriously, I appreciate your support, palmtree. I'll be okay.

  • miseryloveselders

    SD, your wife needs to count her blessings. You're far more of a man than I could ever be. I've always been adament that I wouldn't raise someone elses child. Although the older I get, the more lax I've become on that stance. I have a friend who's doing the same thing as you. The kid looks just like him, so nobody would have ever guessed. When he told me, my mouth dropped. But the more I though about it, I understood why he was up to doing that. He's genuinely a good man whom I respect and love dearly. He's like a brother to me. You've got the same qualities SD. I respect you and hope the best for you.

    I do have another question though. Your doubts, were they significantly present prior to you marrying her? I just find it hard to grasp a single man who finds out the truth about The Troof, and then marries a JW woman who's pregnant with a child thats not his. Again man, if I'm overstepping my boundaries, forgive me, I apoligize. I'm just fascinated by all of this. Women can be a trip, but this whole story got me looking at women in a whole new light, no pun intended!!!

  • sd-7

    baltar447--Yeah, she is. She got nervous about the Backyardigans last night when I was trying to put THAT on for the baby! Sometimes they have magic, she said. Ha! We went through like 4 episodes, no magic yet! She's definitely in the uh, "Why so serious?" category. By the way, is that 'baltar' in your name a Battlestar Galactica reference? Just curious.

    WT is actively recruiting apostates?!?

    Hey, you heard it here first, sherah. I'm at a loss, myself. Surely they must realize there is no reason to come back if you don't think it's 'the truth'. Why would they bother? It's nuts!

  • wasblind

    The next time they want to talk with you make sure you have your "reasoning of the scriptures" book with you, turn to page 234 and under the definition of the LAST DAYS read the last sentence to them under the definition. then turn to page 242 in the same book and read under if someone says: How do you know that some future generation won't fit the prophecy better than this one? then read the first reply that they give you to say in the book. Believe me it will leave them speechless, and they will surely leave you alone. because most of them are not prepared for you to throw this at them and they will look at it if you show them because it's their own stuff not apostate material.

    I find this to be the best way to argue with any active jw when it come to the new light on the generation. I hope any and everyone who still have their "reasoning from the scriptures" book get them out look through them again because all through out the book it talks of the generation of 1914 and how they will be the ones to see the end of this system in their own words. By the way they still use this book.

  • sd-7

    miseryloveselders--No, your timeline's all out of whack, dude! The kid was already walking by the time I got back with the woman who became my wife. I knew it was insane to marry her, but I was feeling so lost at the time that I wanted to torture myself by then (simultaneously thinking that she does make me happy, so why not? She was way nicer [and um, easier] before we got married). The main things going through my head then were, (1) the elders interfered with us the first time we dated, 5 years ago, and that really pissed me off. Now that I know the religion is a joke, I don't have to go through them to get to her. I'm taking what I want now and screw the consequences. I loved her for a long time, so I jumped at the opportunity. (2) Maybe I can convince her of reality. Maybe. If all else fails, at least...I've got a good woman. And I do. She's just really paranoid and uptight all the time.

    But I've not much experience with women, or much self-esteem, hence why this happened. So...crazy, mixed-up tale, this one is...

  • undercover
    Wow, your wife sounds REALLY uptight, even for a witness. Getting shorts in a wad over Avatar?

    What's really uptight is getting bent outa shape over Bob Dylan. I mean, he quit being subversive in the 60s. He's just a traveling troubadour these days. What's to fear?

    You should go out and get some Death Metal or Gangsta Rap. Haha...she'd flip out...

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