Finally finding my way out...

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  • freedomisntfree

    I dont think Bane gets what this site is for.there is no time limit for it .Just becuase people have been on here for years doesnt mean their not "over it" and even if there not why is that anyones call to make but theirs .Some people on this site have been through more trauma in their years as witnesses then most people have been through in a lifetime So if this site gives them comfort and support its nobodys place to downgrade that.

    Congrats cognac!! I wish my mom had your courage when I was a toddler things would have been very different! Best of luck with everything!!!

  • isaacaustin

    Cognac, I am worried that Bane is going to convince you to stay in the org!

  • saywhat29

    BANE- do you understand that most of us aren't free of your religion is because we have family members like you? Family members who are kinda stuck up, self righteous, and trapped in a cult, and if we mention one word of 'cult', we could possibly lose our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters and people who we love?

    Can your small mind -(and I man you're being small-minded not that you have a small mind), which is stuck on the 'Why don't you all move on and stop talking about us?' argument that most of us have been in at some point in our lives so we get what you mean more than you do- comprehend that we can't? We were raised in a culture and are either stuck in between and/or now have to develop skills in places unfamiliar to us, in terms of dating, holidays, 'worldy' friends and family, sometimes work, education, our morals, and how we fit in it all?

    If your world changed overnight, wouldn't you want to be with people who were going through the same thing? Your a JW who has bought the evil Apostates who are bitter and hate your religion because we're out of now due to our immorality line so easily that you cannot see us any other way.

    Honestly, I come back and forth to JWD at times and poke my head in because its like a gathering of people from a culture most 'worldlies' don't get. They don't know what its like to have a parent who threatens to cut you off over and over again (and I guess you want to ignore the pain that causes most people, JW or not 'cause you don't want to admit we may have a point), who calls you only when they want something or have no other reason for talking to you except to sell you their bs religion.

    If you knew anything about mankind, you'd understand that we're a social creature and we depend on our familes and our connections to people; this organization has either taken our families or seriously screwed them up. Are our familes partially to blame for buying it? Of course, but the organization you love so much isn't clean nor is it blameless.Some of us are victims and victims need to let out their frustrations; you don't have to agree with whats posted, i don't agree with everything either and yes some of us make our own beds to lie in.

    But we didn't make those beds by ourselves.

    Do some people need to 'move on'? Of course they do. But focusing soley on that does not enhance your argument at all and makes you kind of look silly. We know what we have to do; you think you're the first person to come here with the 'Move on, apostates! You're pathetic' line?" Darling, you're late and whats worst there were those who became before you who were waaay more interesting.

    So we gather to b*tch about JWS and the theology... we complain about every othe thing under the sun too. The important question is why are you still here when you aren't suppose to be? Since you've decided that we'll be here 20 years b*tching, the question is if you'll be here 20 years b*tching about our b*tching. Srsly, darling come up with a new schtick. Because if you think we're sad... well

    You know what they say about Bad association. And you are here with us. So...

  • Quirky1

    I hope everthing goes well for you Cognac..


  • BANE

    Freedomisntfree, Um...WHAT? More people here have been through more trauma with witnesses etc....LORD HAVE MERCY! Give me a break. Yeah, getting up on a saturday morning for field service is quite comparable to living in the concentration camps in Europe...What an idiotic statement to make...Íf it is SUCH a great apostate site of full fellow feeling...WHY do you call it Jehovahs You are lying sir! This is NOT a site for current JEhovah´s witnesses.

    Saywhat, YOU Decided to be baptized did you not? You studied for years possibly and made an EDUCATED decision. It´s your own darn fault for accepting it. You are a promise breaker. You do NOT love your family enough by going this route. World changed overnight? SOME if not most of you have been here for years. I can´t see you any other way? So far I have been cussed out MANY times here. Yeah, some REAL good people hang out here... You are either out for apostasy, OR immorality right? I have seen MANY posts here that describe that very thing. People leaving their wives etc. So don´t give me some moral high ground. You guys have already stated it. Coffeblack has been out for 17 years. What a wasted life to keep coming here. You can read it yourself. Like I have said before I hate the Austin powers movies. But I don´t create a website called and then trash it for YEARS. I don´t watch it anymore and move on with my life. You guys are stuck here. So like I said, my prediction will be true. Cognac will be here in one year from now and possibly more. You SAY you cannot stand the org anymore and it´s poisen but you KEEP drinking their poisen dont´you? You guys CONTINUE to read the magazines to find mistakes in them. Such a sad life.

    Parents cut you off...Um..Yea..It´s BIBLICAL. Look in it sometime.

    I am probably NOT the first JW to say it. But you know what? You didn´t hear them either. What does the bible say about being dull in your hearing?

    I am not associating with you at all. It would be no different if I found one of you quacks at the door. And yes DARLING...YOU try a new schtick too. Using that apostate logic of association etc. is a dead horse. Beat it some more will you. You are just AVOIDING the issues. If I ran into one of you in the street and you were a hider in the hall I would turn you in. Not even think twice about it. Bunch of sissys and liars. At least I have the sack to stand up for what I believe in. You guys don´t. Pharisees.

  • freedomisntfree

    HAHAHAHA yeaaaa ok laughing at you is all the time im willing to waste on your ridiculousness.Have a lovely day :-)

  • mrsjones5

    Bane: I am not associating with you at all.

    Call it what you want but the fact that you keep coming back means you're associating with folks on the board.


    transitive verb

    1 : to join as a partner, friend, or companion
    obsolete : to keep company with : attend3 : to join or connect together : combine4 : to bring together or into relationship in any of various intangible ways (as in memory or imagination)

    intransitive verb

    1 : to come or be together as partners, friends, or companions
    2 : to combine or join with other parts :

    Every time you come here you're doing transitive verb #2, 3, and you did #1 when you joined this site.

    But I guess you may have a different definition for "associate" just like the wt has for "generation" .

  • techdotcom

    Conac, timing is everything. If you guys are in a good place in your marriage it may be time to sit down and tell him exactly how you feel and more importantly why. While he may not be willing to look at an appostate website himself you can use jwfacts and/or jwfiles to put together some material that is only from the society. Not only will it show him the hipocracy in a way that is impossible to ignore (coming from the orginization) but the orginization does a pretty solid job of condeming themselves when thier own statements agianst "false religion" are applied to them. Failed prophacy, following law and men before God, ect...

    Only you can tell when the time is right and when he will trust you enough to fight his fear. But his doubts may not be enough to break thru by themselves.

    Patience and love will often build the trust you will need from him. It took me almost 10 years to get my head together enough to think about what to do and even though my wife has often had doubts and almost made a decision to leave a long time ago, she was unable to break free untill I took the risk to be open an honest in a way that I had not before. The result is she has recognized the "truth" for what it is and is trying now to figure out how best to fade out so as to not lose all contact with most of her family. Waking up is only the first step. For those born into this religion it can take years for the conditioned guilt and fear lose their sting. And even then, you may not ever be completly free of it.

    Also, every one has a different "last straw". For her, the many little doubts were just not important enough, the UN thing practically made her sick and made the corruption of the GB real in a way that failed prophacy and the 1000+ rules did not. For me it was a lot of little things building up till I just couldn't see how it could possibly be anything but a religion run by a group of men like many others.

    Have patience, courage and faith, in yourself, your husband, and if you choose, God.

  • Balsam

    Not allowing ourselves to be held hostage to religious ideas just because we were raised in it raises up your critical thinking and opens new doors. Glad your finding your way Cognac.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Cognac, Glad to hear you're fading fast. And I'm especially happy for your baby. She will enjoy the Christmas tree in December and a visit from Santa Claus!

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