Finally finding my way out...

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  • cognac

    Well, its been about 2 1/2 years and have slowly done less and less. But, the time has really come in the last few months for me to slow down a lot more. I've been to about 30 minutes of a meeting in the last month and a half where I stayed out back and with my daughter.

    I've been looking for the right timing to leave but had decided I will go anyways by the time my daughter is about 1 years old. That time has come. But, it just so happens that my some members of my family including and mostly my parents have actually given me a good enough of an excuse to get out.

    They have broken to many rules. Not just regular rules. Not JW rules. Rules that go against my instinctive morality. They have disgusted my husband to the point where he has said that the elder arrangement has to be a political arrangement. He is still somewhat in though.

    I no longer feel the burden of trying to stay in for my family. I never felt the need to stay in for my husband and feel a strong need to get out for my daughter.

    When it comes to my husband, I simply don't say anything about it. I just don't go. He hasn't been going a lot either anyways. We are to busy living life and enjoying everything.

  • hotspur

    Go Connie! Whooot!

    Still waiting "with Coke and Ice"

  • cognac

    lol, hotspur. One of these days!!! I hope soon. I just feel like there is just 1 thing thats gonna happen that makes it all click for him. I've never really felt that close to it clicking with him until now. I just see how many things he sees clearly and you look at him and see his mind is filling up with all these red flags and it just doesn't make sense to him... But, the lightbulb still hasn't actually gone off yet...

  • mentallyfree31

    Welcome. Just remember, there are thousands of people that have been/or still in your situation. You are not alone. Glad to have you here.


  • leavingwt

    This sounds very positive. You are doing the right thing for your child. You deserve much credit for this.

    The immediate aftermath of really leaving is very difficult. Please hang in there.

  • chickpea

    you know congac, it turned out for us
    that as we became "distracted" from
    the hamster wheel race of all things
    b0rg, our lives got busy with other
    things that ultimately became more
    meaningful, and frankly, productive.....

    i think you are right where you need to be...
    one foot out the door with the other one
    following... it looks like hubby is just about
    caught up with you as well

    good luck, have a BLAST this summer with your baby


  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Yes... Good for you.

    Step by step you see the way.

    The light DOES get brighter ----on the way out!

  • NiceDream

    I'm on a similar path as you. Having a toddler is an excellent excuse to leave early. My hubby is also still in, but I hope something also clicks for him soon.

    In the meantime, we enjoy spending lots of time together with our tot.

  • bohm

    Cognac, im very happy to hear about the progress, even though it is not in the happiest of circumstances. With the level of insanity you have had to deal with from local jws/family, i bet they wont pass a chance to give you an even harder time!
    Your daughter will thank you for your descision, and so will your husband when he see it for what it is.

    best of luck, i look forward to hearing more.

  • serenitynow!

    Congrats! It is nice that your daughter has a chance at a normal upbringing.

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