Adults with imaginary friends are stupid.

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  • thetrueone

    I think its a point of commonality that each member has with one another in their personally lives.

    I never personally came to this forum to make real friends but to join in an open discussion about the WTS/JWS,

    learning as I go and I think many here are doing the same thing.

    Imaginary friends is a poor choice to describe the inter-personal discussions here, more like blogging acquaintances.

    But since you've come here to throw shit on the people here anyways AIW, with all of your bias ignorance, prejudice

    and vindictiveness, your comment is expected and understandable.


    Another thread by Alice.....With no point.....None of Alices threads have a point..

    Alice has left JWN 3 times.....Alice is still here..

    Whats the point?..

    To wander around Aimlessly on JWN,in Search of a Point?..

    Maybe Alice is proud of not having a point.."Look at me!!..I have no point!!"..

    Is there a point to being pointless?..

    Is there a Pointless Olympics,where nobody does anything and everyone gets a gold medal?..

    Is Alice Training for the Pointless Olympics on JWN?..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • shamus100

    Hey alice,

    Why don't you post some more pictures of people killing themselves like a goodlittle dubbie would do.

    I once again dare you to go show this to your doctor. OH wait, you're thirteen - nevermind loser.

  • beksbks
  • sooner7nc

    Hey Alice Rachel! Hey! Hey!! Hey Alice Rachel! Where ya at?

  • shamus100

    She's busy gathering pictures of people committing suicide to post and saying it's our fault.

    I mean really, who in the fluck would actually engage this person in a serious conversation? I think they're just as nutty as this pile of crap.


    "Yes Alice Rachel I do understand your words but not your intent. Is it or is it not your intention to change our (those of us on this forum) views regarding the WT religion or religion in general? If this is not your intent then please state clearly what your intent is because as of right now most everyone on this thread is in the Alice Rachel thumping business "and cousin, business is a booming".

    Alice Rachel, there is not one person IMHO that wishes you ill on this forum. Please calm down. We are not your enemies.

    I'm still waiting Alice Rachel and I am not a patient person."

    I was just encouraging some diversity to divert people from constituting Jehovah's Witnesses as an enemy. You shared the post that disturbed me about your best friend and the blood issue. I have a JW friend who's good friends with a non-witness. Were you once a witness?

  • yknot

    Shamus, Outlaw, Trueone, Darth....

    I would like to formally introduce you to 'Rachel'

    Rachel used to go by the username 'AIW'.



    Shamus is a sweet monkey, kiss him please

    Outlaw is a hoot and might occassionally ask you to kiss is donkey (ass)

    Trueone.... is a sweety, he wants you to converse like an adult instead of a demanding child

    Darth..... darth will make you laugh if you let him

  • shamus100

    Yes... kiss me!

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Is it me, but that didn't even make any sense?

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