Library Visit # 2: 607 BCE vs. 587 BCE - With Pictures!

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  • palmtree67

    Alice senses a disturbance in "the force" and is now going to resort to baiting you with tales of mental illnesses designed to make you feel sorry for her, although she herself has not an ounce of concern for ones on this board who have suffered horrific abuses.

    Case in point: this thread has nothing to do with mental illness. It's about proving/disproving 607 BCE.

    Back to topic.

    (Alice if you wish to discuss your mental illness, start a topic of your own.)


    "mental illnesses designed to make you feel sorry for her"

    I don't care if you feel sorry for me. I don't automatically accept stories some stranger cannot or will not confirm. I was already warned about "militant" ex-JW with devious agendas. I guess you believe everything you hear.

  • palmtree67
    (Alice if you wish to discuss your mental illness, start a topic of your own.)

    palmtree67, I've posted plenty directly related to the 607 topic. I just took a sec to say something about myself. I don't read every post on here. You should really quit communicating with me. I'll make it point not to post on your threads. Go away and please ignore me.

  • palmtree67

    Alice, if you wish to discuss posting etiquette, start a topic of your own.

    Back to topic.

  • yknot


    Do you want to get better?

    Some JWs (or in your case no longer associating but still believing) find that once they learn the 'truth about the troof' they begin to get better because the stresses that come with a high control group are lifted.

    You have a daughter, she needs a mother who is present, coherent and strong.....

    Since you have chosen to not associate with your previous KH maybe pick a nice little southern baptist church in your area. Technically the SBs are not completely glued to trinity and you can remain an Arian. You can enroll your daughter in Sunday school and vacation bible school. She will learn praise using age appropriate material.

    You need to socialize and begin building a support system locally

    Christianity isn't really about denominations, it is about your personal belief in Jesus as the Christ and relationship with Jehovah through Jesus. Jesus set a path that really only included two commandments 1) Love Jehovah, 2) Love neighbor as yourself....... Love is easy, easy to give and receive.

    I get your emotional attachment to the faith of your youth but you are falling away and unless you stop posting on internet forums and return to the fold completely including a minimum of 10 hours per month of FS..... it is time to start asking questions about those doubts instead of trying to hold on to them with tooth and nail by creating situations where you force yourself to defend those doubted beliefs.

    Why not take the time to learn about the development of 1914 from Russell to Knorr? You can do so by using only WTS publications if you feel uneasy about 'other sources'. Majority of the publications have been scanned and can be downloaded for free. You can post threads about what you are reading or if you have questions.

    EDITED TO INCLUDE TOPICAL COMMENT : 1975 was a bust (admitted bust DC 2009) it was based on the chronology of Fred Franz, Fred Franz is also the author of the current held chronology first spelled out in 1943's "The Truth Shall Make You Free".... in which 1874 parousia was permanently moved to 1914.

    A PDF of the book is available for download at the link below

  • diamondiiz

    Here is a site with some info on Neo Babylonian kings and archeaological evidence but check out the uruk list, not really for AIW but others who may find it interesting as AIW doesn't seem to get it anyways.

    Uruk King List

    If I have more time later I will find more sites with archeaological artifacts showing Babylonian king history and such.

  • AnnOMaly

    Re: Alice's post #327

    I don't really know how your post addresses my caution about not trusting Furuli's 'facts' and conclusions. It looks like the substance of it is trying to say, "The church didn't listen to the heretics either, but the heretics were right." So what? Some heretics were correct. Others weren't.

    You cite Galileo. The example is not lost on me. However, with the issue of 7th-5th century BCE Babylonian chronology and and the WTS/Oslo version of it, the situation is akin to the WTS/Furuli promoting a geocentric planetary system while the establishment is promoting a heliocentric system. Wrong is wrong; and the WTS/Furuli is demonstrably wrong.

    It's been well established that secular history does not contain the same interlocking harmony found in the Bible.

    Pure baloney! It has been well established that secular history for the 7th-5th centuries BCE interlock and harmonize with what the Bible actually portrays far better than with the WTS' interpretation of the biblical texts.

    If a person chooses to allow discrepancies between certain aspects of history and the Bible to obscure the truth found in God's Word, that's a personal choice. The honest thing to do is to establish truth elsewhere before pursuing this course.

    The honest thing to do is follow the biblical and historical evidence wherever it leads and not be blinded by your religion's dogma, or by selectively used/incomplete evidence, or by pseudo facts.

  • moogle

    Those demon inspired misguided worldy historians just can't get it right! Only the F&D slave can give you the correct date....

    On a more serious note - thanks and well done Mentallyfree. Unfortunately, all the proof in the world is probably not enough to overcome the average mind controlled JW brain.

    Thanks, Moogle

  • PSacramento

    I am surprised Furuli is still being brought up, his views have been shot down so much, it's not even funny anymore.

    I can understand why those of the WT and the GB NEED for 1914 to be correct and as such 607, but why anyone else even believes that the conspiracy needed for it to be true, is true, boggles the mind.

    NO ONE cares that the WT says it was 607, NO ONE !

    WHen I first researched this I sent emails to various universties and museum research departments and they all said the same thing and they have NO VESTED intrest in it being ANY date other than the correct one and the fact is, NO EVIDENCE points to 607 UNLESS all the other evidence is wrong, which would make 538 WRONG too !

    As for the often brought up issues of the curch VS science:

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