The crucifixion of jesus - the first state assisted suicide!

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    The crucifixion of jesus - the first state assisted suicide!

    It is strange to think about the fact that the story of the crucifixion of jesus was the first state assisted suicide (at least that we know of). Why do many christians oppose state assisted suicide today? Doesn't it make more sense that christians should support state assisted suicide, since it was the means by which their lord chose to kill himself? I am not saying that state assisted suicide is right or wrong (so do not put words in my mouth), but I would like to hear some of the wonderful rationalizations and excuses that you may have about this event. Actually, since jesus presumably have cancer (or any other terminal disease), you would think that christians would be against jesus' state assisted suicide. I do not think Dr. Korvorkian would have assisted jesus in his demise - I guess that is why he used human beings as his pawns in his "great" plan.

  • jwfacts

    I don't think you can rightly call Jesus death suicide. Although he allegedly could have saved himself and did not, it is not suicide.

  • yknot

    Rolls Eyes......

    Alice the person who posted that originally like the other is merely baiting.....

    Ditto what Paul said above...

  • cyberjesus

    alice you are certainly in wonderland.

    Jesus was killed, (according to the gospels).


    "Jesus was killed, (according to the gospels)."

    This is from the perspective of someone who left a religion where it was taught that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost were co-equal and one being. He assumes God could have saved himself but chose not to and his crucifixion was thus state-assisted suicide.


    He said this a few months ago:

    Who was jesus trying to impress by letting himself get killed?

    Who was jesus trying to impress by letting himself get killed? I am assuming that he let himself get crucified to impress himself (since he is god). If you are the all-knowing, all-seeing creator of the universe, why do you need to send a piece of yourself to get killed - it seems silly? Actually, its stupid. A all-knowing, all-seeing god would not divide himself up into 3 pieces, and then send one piece to earth (into a human woman as a baby) for 33 years, and then let himself get killed in order to wash away our sins - it makes no sense at all. A god would either have not designed such a faulty system in the first place, or he would simply just wipe away all sin by a thought or something. The belief that jesus was god, and that he was crucified to wash away our sins is outright silly, and it makes absolutely no sense at all. Is there anyone out there who can explain this crazy concept in a rational and believable way?

  • thetrueone

    You are the creator of disillusionment AIW therefore you should have within yourself the answer

  • yknot

    If you must engage this person......this former 'trinitarian'.

    Simply remind him that Arianism doesn't have this issue.

    Thusly his presentation is without merit for a person like yourself.

    .....Perhaps introduce him to the Arian POV and it might open the door for him becoming a study!......

  • Scott77
    Scott77 , Your username speaks for itself.


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