Umm ... Have I Missed Anything?

by RAYZORBLADE 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • stillajwexelder

    Don't pull or sniff Shamus' finger

    Why? Has it been stuck up his a?>

  • tec

    Nice to meet you, RAYZORBLADE.

    For everyone who is a little afraid of the monkey... CONFRONT THE PROBLEM!

    (Hint - you have to kiss him)


  • minimus

    Stilla, not his.

  • mrsjones5

    Damn, I missed AIC having a meltdown.


    Thanks folks; just re-reading some of the posts regarding this 'Generation' thing. They're still beating that one to death, aren't they? When will they ever learn? They won't; long as the minions nod in approval, the new light (it's not incandescent anymore is it?) will conitunally be pitched from the platform. What a freakin' strangle hold these buggers have.

    Shamus: I've shared pizza with him; he did wash his hands ... I think. Besides, he wears lip gloss - it didn't taste THAT bad. Looking at his latest photo, I do believe it's time for a shave and wash there Shamus.

    Hey Scully. Yeah, it's been awhile. Behaving myself (I know - you're shaking your head). Really!

    CountryGirl, I know isn't that a coincidence. Always a pleasure, but I talk to you all the freakin time anyways. Hehee!

    BlackSheep, I remember you from before. Love the puppy pic and cotton-batten vomit.

    Minimus. The red dot; but I remember it when the 'dot' actually danced a little on the old forum.

    Jimmy Page; RosePetal; Lozhasleft; JamieBowers; tec and MrsJones5: pleased to meet you all.

    Stillajwexelder: you were here when I first dropped-in here back in early 2003.

    Yes, lots of newbies. Hardly recognize anyone; except for a few names that have been here from way way back.

    As for the new AIC: wasn't there a line in the movie: "OFF WITH HER HEAD" ? Does that still apply?

    Thanks for the posts. It's been awhile; despite intermittent posts here and there.

  • Tatiana

    Hi Rayzor... I popped in last week after being away for a long while. Guess I am finally somehow "over" the worst part of leaving a cult. Although I spend lots of time on the "Prince" board trying to tell active JWS there why he's a hypocrite. That's always fun.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Hello, RAYZOR.

    I stumbled into this site shortly after I mailed my letter of DA and purchased a copy of COC.

    I cleared out of the Organization but--- it is taking a while for the WTS to clear out of me! This forum has been a way to accelerate the process. I recommend it to anyone leaving the WTS.

    I knew I was moving out of my apartment and away to the hills, when I came on the Forum. I tarried because I found a place where I love the care, the share, the flare, the dare, and the rare of it all.

    My boxes long ago would have been packed but for this place. No place else could I throw thoughts that had to lie silent in my head for 20+ years. I could throw them in the arena and they were man-handled with such dexterity, respect/disrespect, care, bizarre humor and seriousness. Since everyone knows what it means to have suffered the destruction of being a ghost in the WTS , the very fact that these kinds of threads go on here helps us recover our substance. Yeah, a little "substance abuse" is beneficial here.

    Then Ray Franz died--and that kept me longer. It was a milestone moment for everyone--Ray the man I never heard of while a JW!

    Apparently there are attempts to leave this site behind to make a new life. (It is hard to limit oneslf to only a few minutes a day here.) But for me it is not aplace I plan to leave forever; its a touchstone now, not for illness but for recovery. I hope it is a part of a new life for me.

    I may not have internet(for a while at least). So I'm glad to meet you before I go. So it is not only hello, but.....

    Good bye, too.


  • cantleave

    You missed me!


    Cantleave: well I am going to have to look into all those posts of yours I have missed.

    NotACaptive: thank you for a well written reply; sorry I do not know you (here), but I am very pleased to see you have taken hold of your life and reclaimed it. Excellent! That is why sites like this, are SO important! You are living proof of that. All the best to you: Maeve.

    Tatiana: good heavens! someone from when I was here more often (2003-2004). I am glad to read that you are over the hump - and now coasting nicely. Sure, why not go to the other boards and educate the lost souls.

    I am here for awhile; just nice to reacquaint myself.

    For those who think this site is nasty: oh man! I remember things being far more heated and combative. Enjoying the newbie posts and laughing at some of the (apologists). Hopefully, the new light will dim sooner rather than later.

  • dottie

    Hey Ray!!!

    Nice to hear from you!!

    I lurk around from time to time looking for familiar faces and skim through some interesting debates...usually when I am looking for something to read to kill some time...

    We are doing well, Will, the kids and I. Planning a move at the end of the month...and you will NEVER guess where!!

    Take care my friend, I will be in touch, (I will PM you) to keep you informed about our move!!

    Lots of hugs and love,


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