Umm ... Have I Missed Anything?

by RAYZORBLADE 19 Replies latest jw friends


    I've poked my nose here on occasion; not as often as one would think. In some cases, more than a year or two.

    What have I missed?

    Anything anyone would recommend?

    Don't be afraid: I know many of you don't know me.

    Simon: 7+ years is quite awhile.

    Welcome to Canada: hope it's turning out A-OK for you!

    I even got to see the 'MONKEY' (Shamus100) in August 2008.

    Whatever you do: DO NOT PULL HIS FINGER!

  • JimmyPage

    What have you missed? Um, you may not realize it, but this used to be an apostate board. Now it's pro-JW and Watchtower approved!

  • RosePetal

    I'm scared of shamus

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Believe it or not -- I came here for the first time in about 6 months, too! Glad to see ya bro!


  • Lozhasleft

    I'm a bit scared of Shamus too RosePetal...

    Loz x

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    You've missed out on some of the funniest trolls you could ever wish to meet.

    This Sunday you could pop down to your local Kingdumb Hall and watch the Dubbies put their hands up and answer that the Generation of 1914 is now two generations..... If you could handle it....

    Good to see you back.



  • Scully

    ((( Ray )))

    In recent news: Ray Franz passed away less than 2 weeks ago, closely followed by the passing of Ted Jaracz (WTS President) earlier this week.

    Other than that, pretty much same ol' same ol'.

  • shamus100

    No more bookstudy, Ray. I know we still have these guilty feelings all these years later, so you can cross that off every Tuesday night. (pfffftt)

  • minimus

    Don't pull or sniff Shamus' finger.

  • jamiebowers

    Yet another change to the meaning of the word generation.

    Lots and lots of newbies.

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