OK lets just say for sake of arguement, armargedon comes, god wants to know why you left the JW's. What do you say to him?

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  • highdose

    Sorry for the long title.

    I don't belive this will happen for a second. But its an interesting question. There you are at armargeddon, and god asks you " why you left the JW's?" or " why don't you belive in god anymore?"

    What would you say to him?

    I belive i would say that no offence but hes very bad at communicating. He gave mankind a book full of fairy tales and allowed it to be corrupted and twisted this way and that. Hes so called chosed people turned out to be nasty evil fiends who cared nothing about eachother and went out of their way to show it. So sorry a eternity with those people? No you can stuff that god!

  • tec

    Standing in the presence of God, for real, and you really think you would say that?

    Just asking.


  • highdose

    For real... yes i would. Sorry but i've suffered and seen others suffer so that he supposedly can prove himself.

  • tec

    Supposedly being the key word, I think.

    Maybe you could look at God as Jesus showed him, and not as the JW's think He is. I mean, if the JW's are right, then you'd just be destroyed, right? If Jesus is right, then God is merciful, and He will know exactly what is in your heart. He wouldn't have to ask why you left, or why you stopped believing in him.

    (sorry to derail your thread. I'll stay off it now.)


  • StoneWall

    I would ask him why he went to such great lengths to hide himself from mankind.

    Why was all the evidence that was recorded in the bible supposedly/miraculously taken away from mankind in our time?

    (A few that come to mind is the ark of the covenant, Noah's ark,tablets ten commandments were written on, no bones

    of any giants in the earth 'nephilim', etc.)

    Why are blondes so much fun?

    Why do we get in trouble for having more than one wife, yet David and Solomon had hundreds?

    Why when you told the Israelites not to have a King as the nations do, you went ahead and allowed it?

    Why when you told Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of the one tree and yet they did, you didn't allow it?

  • jwfacts

    I would say that I did not want to worship a God that was going to kill billions of men, women and children that had never heard of him.


    I would say: Because They spelt your name wrong.

    This is quite a shock. Any chance of getting a drink around here?

  • WTWizard

    Because I didn't want to live forever in a world where all I have access to is other men. Plus, the guilt of realizing that my insistence on staying in is what drove the opposite sex out, meaning I "murdered" many more people than I could have "murdered" by not reaching them with the message.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    '' i dont like you, what you stand for, what you plan to do, so F off and leave me alone or strike me with lightning''


  • Lozhasleft

    I'm with Tammy on this one.

    Loz x

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