OK lets just say for sake of arguement, armargedon comes, god wants to know why you left the JW's. What do you say to him?

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  • AllTimeJeff

    I left precisely because I imagined having this conversation, and couldn't in my heart bring myself to believe that "god" would ever do that to over 7 billion people who never got a chance to hear about him. Who wasn't even powerful enough to keep his own name in the 2nd half of his own book?

    Trust me, "god" would understand. And then he would kick the Governing Body's ass. I wouldn't want to be them.


    What would I say?..

    "I was not able to believe in a Un-Intelligent Supreme Being.."

    "Now that your here.."

    "Can you please tell me,WTF is wrong with you?.."

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • foolsparadise

    I would reply with my own question : Did you really have your own son murdered because some perfect lady without sin ate a piece of fruit?

  • Rydor

    I was just following Deuteronomy 18:22...

  • aquagirl

    Id tell him that he should have gotten a better P.R man centuries ago,and given us teeth that never stopped regrowing,perfect hair and green eyes.

  • aquagirl

    "You mean to tell me that crazy cult was actually your true religion?" "You have got to be shitting me!"...Thats perfect!!!!!


    For me, if that impossible scenario were to arise; the irony that an all knowing god/God, doesn't know my every thought? That, would baffle me beyond words or explanation.

    To explain it would be redundancy at its worst.

  • truthseekeriam

    I would say..knowing you as I do....As a God of Love and Justice. I knew you would never accept or approve of the lack of love and the lack of spiritual Justice my child received from the shepards after she was molested by one of there own.

  • Sayswho

    • Why in the most critical time in human history did you make it so hard to find you? (Even though the scriptures say you are not far off form each on us.)
    • Why was Satan allowed to mislead the entire world so easily with no “equal help” to counter his tactics to obscure truth? (Since billions are to be killed in your day of destruction and only a few saved?)
    • Love is the identifying mark of all “true” followers and You?… would the state of mankind show that it is your desire that most people be saved?
    • It would appear just the opposite is true, for if it were not we would not have to guess the answers as to what, who, or how, we would not have so many conflicting groups guessing the answers to life’s most basic questions. We should have these answers and then either accept them or reject them…our judgment would then be based on our informed decisions!
    • Why did you allow the WTBTS (that claims to be your only true org) make not understanding a change of beliefs or being confused to the changes without scriptural proof…but just because we say so, be worthy of being casted out?
    • It appears that individuals are expendable and justice was not and is not equally applied today or through out the bible... it has been based on who you were not what you have done (King David as one example).

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