OK lets just say for sake of arguement, armargedon comes, god wants to know why you left the JW's. What do you say to him?

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  • lisavegas420

    Since he can read my mind and heart, I'd just give him "the look". He'll know what I'm thinkin


  • dozy

    Purely hypothetical but good question.

    My question would be why did you make salvation conditional on absolute obedience and loyalty to a president or subsequently a small group of men who often made false prophecies , claimed your backing for untrue doctrines and diligently disfellowshipped people who obeyed you rather than them.

  • nelly136

    i'm with lisa, something all seeing and all knowing would not need to ask.

  • goldensky

    "Jehovah. you well know I've loved you with my whole heart and mind for as long as I can remember till one year ago. I've loved more than I've loved any other human being including my two beloved children. I would have sacrificed them for you. Until gradually in the course of a few months I realized my common sense had been stifled from birth by indoctrination and was horrified at the kind of God the Bible depicts, at the intense feelings I had felt for you and at what I'd have been willing to do on your behalf. That's why I dropped everything I'd lived for and began a life based on honesty and real love, with the same intensity I had devoted to you before. But you know all that already, don't you?..."

  • streets76

    I think it was Kurt Vonnegut who once offered this possible response: "Not enough information, sir, not enough information."

  • blondie

    (since it is makebelieve) I would say, you see all things, you know why; you see what is in human hearts, you know why. But the important thing is not to have abandoned you and your son which jws did as a group and I could not follow them.

  • Heaven

    "Because the JWs aren't your organization But you already know that. Let's go have a beer!"

  • Soldier77

    I think the question is a bit misleading. For one, I think god knows JWs are not HIS organization. So he wouldn't be asking why we left. I think he would be rather pleased that we thought for ourselves, embraced him and his son for what he wanted. To prove that we can serve him of our own free will without being "told" by some organization or be "feared" by an organization into servitude. Isn't that the whole reason we're in this position? God's sovereignty? Or maybe I'm still thinking like a "proper" JW, damn it.

    I think the whole concept that the WBTS has pushed that billions will be murdered at armageddon is wrong and god IS a merciful god and I think that there is something in store for us, but nothing like the fairytales that WBTS has printed. All I know is that this life that we are living is the only reality I know and as such I have to live it the best I can.

    But I'll bite and ask him, "why did you use a group of corrupt, power hungry men that change the way in which one worships you? was this all some twisted test to see if we would recognize the absurdity of this group?"

  • sd-7

    Quite simple: they dishonor your Son, Jesus Christ, and place themselves on an equal footing with him, claim to speak in his name, in his authority, while simultaneously promoting themselves as the mediators for mankind. They also lie without hesitation, proving that they have more in common with your Adversary, Satan, than with you. They are just like the very men who murdered the Lord Jesus. They are also false prophets, in line with Deuteronomy 18:20-22. They have declared lies in your great name. (Knowing everything, as you do, I'm guessing you don't need me to prove that to you.) This brings reproach upon you and stumbles many good people. I felt that if I remained in such an organization, blood would be on my hands. I would be responsible for their sins. I could not in good conscience remain amongst them, and thus be a party to a lie.

    If you would kill me for that, then frankly, I want nothing to do with you or the twisted universe you created where such men could do evil and be honored and rewarded for it. So my life is in your hands. Take it. Do as you will with me. I stand by my choice.

  • NiceDream

    I would say I left because God doesn't need an organization that uses Satan's manipulative tactics to control its followers. And their identifying mark of love is sadly missing, plus they downplay Jesus.

    I also don't want to live in a world where over 7 billion people have to die so I could live in paradise. I would rather serve a loving God and be a regular Christian.

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