If You Still "Had" To Go To Meetings What "Disrespectful" Things Might You Do?

by minimus 77 Replies latest jw friends

  • tec

    "Thank God thats over, that was reeeaally boring". Everyone heard him.

    That's hilarious. I love kids.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Stand in a large fresh steaming dog doo on the way.

  • freeflyingfaerie

    i would TALK to everyone! ooooohhhhh! i would give lots of hugs and tell them i love them...

  • minimus

    say hello to df'd ones

  • JWinprotest

    Every meeting I would request as much literature as I can possibly carry home. I would put in as many special orders as I can for older literature. If anyone would try to counsel me, I would fall on my knees with my arms stretched out to heavan, and in a very desparate voice say, "why are you trying to deny me my spiritual food?!?!"

    Does anyone know if it's toxic to burn literature in your fireplace?

  • ziddina

    Tell the REAL truth. ALWAYS.


  • nelly136

    not sure about toxic but you'll need earplugs so you dont have to listen to it scream.

  • TardNFeatheredJW

    As a teen, I hated hated hated (3x for emphasis) being JW. I mean I hated it. I hated the fake self-righteous people, I hated the message, I hated religion, I hated the concept of god.

    That said, I had my fun at the hall. I had a few friends who were similar in circumstance and thought process, so we used to make up words to the stupid little songs (I personally hated singing about jehoover and hayseus), we used to laugh like complete retards whenever the audience would laugh. Loud. I mean LOUD and long. Used to play air guitar on the roaming microphones when no one was looking (the other mic handlers were just like me and would laugh). Used to fart while doing the mics and walk on by, sometimes I would keep moving the mic up against the persons nose to distract them from their stupid answer. Fart and glare at someone sitting in the row like it was them. Used to stare at the elders and MS, right in the eye with a look of hatred, as I really wanted to kill every one of them (i was very angry). By this time I wasn't doing mic anymore, but I was forced to go to the hell-hall or be kicked out of my parents house.

    In my earlier times, I used to get bored as hell, so I signed up to do impromptu talks (substitute) to pass the time.

    If I went back now, I would probably last until I gave a talk or prayer and took that moment to shred the bullshit doctrine these people are fed several times a week.

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    If the gal's are going to wear pants, what if I showed up in a skirt?

  • techdotcom

    Hell, I just want to sit there and read a kindle book on my iPhone but my wife considers that disrespectful and a bad example for the kids. I agree in principle but it helps if I can't hear what the speaker is saying. That way I don't have a OMG and WTF look on my face all the time and I don't accidently blurt out (not loud, but still rude) "Is he joking????" (actually did that one, at the assembly, sigh.... was alot of apologizing for that one)

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