If You Still "Had" To Go To Meetings What "Disrespectful" Things Might You Do?

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  • minimus

    I know some who go to meetings because they feel they HAVE to because of family or other considerations.

    Imagine going to a meeting and having your IPhone with you!

    How would it look if you had a Watchtower in your hands along with a TV Guide?

    Think about going to a meeting with strong booze breath.

    Any other suggestions??

  • lepermessiah

    Explain what the word "generation" means.

  • minimus


    Just use THEIR literature and try to publicly make sense of it.

  • WTWizard

    I would read Matthew 24:33 and 34. In context. And, use that to prove that "a generation" actually referred to those listening to that message. And "these things" referred to the destruction of Jerusalem, which did happen within the proper generation--in 70 AD.

    Also, I would pick up my Nintendo DS with a game of Pokemon going in it, full blast on the volume, along with wearing a headphones with loud rap music going (or Christmas music).

  • minimus

    That would get attention, Wiz.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I wouldn't do anything disrespectful. Disrupting their meetings isn't the best way to impress upon them that they are wrong. It's rather counter-productive.

  • minimus

    It depends HOW it's done.

  • Cagefighter

    1. Grow a beard.

    2. Say "Hallelujah" everytime the speaker says Jehovah.

    3. Refer to everyone as "my brutha from another mutha" or "my sista from another mista"

    4. Raise my hands in the air during the song.

    5. If I get the mic to comment stand up in testify about what the Lord Jesus has done in my life.

  • blondie

    Do you have any suggestions or examples, min?

  • Soldier77

    I think instead of making a comment, raise your hand and ask a question like, "if the GB is directed by holy spirit, why would the holy spirit say one thing years ago and then tell them a totally different thing now about this so-called new generation understanding? It's implied that the holy spirit was wrong at one point, and if not, then the GB is not truly inspired and are making this up on the fly. Which would be a sin against the spirit. The unforgivable sin."

    They can't say that the light is getting brighter or clearer, because only an idiot would think that this new understanding is so.


    Pull out a sandwich and start eating in the middle of the meeting.

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