If You Still "Had" To Go To Meetings What "Disrespectful" Things Might You Do?

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  • minimus

    There you go!

  • happy1975

    Wear a really short skirt.


  • JediMaster

    I love the suggestions made by cagefighter.... I'd probably be more subtle, yet obvious enough. Not wearing a tie. Wearing Jeans. Lots of jewelry. Dye my hair red. Arrange for someone to call my cellphone during the meeting. "Forget" to take my allergy medication and cough, sneeze and sniff during the entire meeting. "Accidentally" fall when I go to the bathroom. "Accidentally" turn off the lights as I lean against the wall. Swap sheets of paper on the info board between congregations. Steal toilet paper/soap/paper towels from the bathroom. "Accidentally" drop the microphone.


  • broops100

    I would as a baptised Sister turn up in a trouser suit ! In fact Im definately going to wear trousers at the next JW funeral that I go to i'm sure they would be horrified..

    Im not disfellowshipped, just drifted and managed to escape out the back door October 2009 - Any efforts to talk to me I just give off vibes of being apathetic and down in the dumps and finding everything so hard & how things get on top of me having to run around my 4 kids ( Of course im having the time of my life & my kids are now in planet Heaven having escaped and had a fantastic Xmas and New Years Eve Party !!!!!)....

  • minimus


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'd ask questions during the WT study every time a logical fallacy came up, whether I got called on or not. I probably wouldn't be called on after the first comment/question.

  • Lozhasleft

    I would go in and sit right in the middle and smile and chat to everyone I know. Oh and I would wear a Tshirt saying 'Jehovah still loves me'...for the hell of it.

    Loz x

  • minimus

    I like the idea of answering a question with an "old thought" such as the generation change only to be corrected and re-explained.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I used to drink coffee from my travel mug during the meeting for field service at the KH......

    .....while I was the elder conducting.

    Snakes (Rich )

  • fokyc

    Wear a Bow-Tie and

    during this coming Sunday's Watchtower I would ask a question about 'this generation'.

    I have never heard anyone openly say in a meeting, "I don't understand that; please explain."

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