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    Alice.In.Wonderland you have a PM.


    "Here Alice, maybe these can help you next time you start a thread...."

    Mary you rarely give a logical response to anything I say because you don't have one. Posting non-related gibberish just makes your blonde hair suit your intellect, nothing more. Post a reasonably intelligent response or post your tabloid rubbage elsewhere.

    “Hey Jeff, I've got some new Miracle Wheat you can wash it all down with! I'll sell it to you for the low, low price of $144,000!!!”

    Or at least copy and paste the other side of story. It takes little effort and some honesty...

    w53 5/15 p. 319 Questions From Readers

    Are the charges in a tract against Jehovah’s witnesses true that the Society’s first president was immoral, profiteered from selling some mysteriously named wheat at $65 a bushel, and committed perjury when asked in court if he could read Greek?—C. W., North Carolina.

    The facts about “Miracle Wheat” are equally perverted. Brother Russell was interested in anything related to the Scriptural prediction that the desert would blossom as a rose and the earth yield her increase. So, when the public press reported a new and unusual strain of wheat, called “Miracle Wheat” by its original grower, Brother Russell reported this in The Watchtower, along with a government report on it. Some Watchtower readers contacted the grower, who was in no way connected with the Watchtower Society, and purchased some of the wheat. When theirs produced seed they offered it as a contribution to the Society. The original grower sold the seed at $1.25 a pound, so they suggested their contribution be priced at $1.00, and all the money received be given to the Society. The Society made no claim for the wheat on its own knowledge, though it won several State Fair grand prizes before it wore itself out. Brother Russell neither named it nor profited from it; the money went as a donation into Christian missionary work. When others criticized this sale, all who had contributed were told that if they were dissatisfied their money would be returned, and the money was held for a year for this purpose. Not a single person requested it back. The only critics were those who had no real knowledge of the matter, which was purely a donation sale for the benefit of the Society—as open and aboveboard as a church cake sale.

    With such lies and perverted facts the critics condemn themselves. They would not like to be classed with the ultramodernists who accuse Jesus of being illegitimate, but they stoop equally low regarding other men whose lives were spent unselfishly in God’s service.

    Don't even put the spin on the “miracle wheat” crapola. You seriously need to grow up. You have zero interest in God’s service and know it. There was a time when I didn't either (that's how I know) but at least I was honest about it and didn't psyche myself in believing lies and perverted facts as an excuse for selfish ambitions. Your smug and condescending remarks are boring and pathetic to anyone with a shred of sanity.

  • Mary

    Here Alice in la-la-land.....I can do a cut and paste too:

    Almost from its inception, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, known originally as Zion's Watch Tower, has been guilty of misleading the public and their followers with claims that are wildly inaccurate and, in some cases, border on scams.

    Watchtower "Miracle" Wheat

    An example of the latter can be found in the infamous case of Pastor Russell's "Miracle Wheat" cited in Dr. Walter Martin's, Kingdom of the Cults, (pp. 40-42, 1985 ed.).

    November 1, 1916, a local newspaper, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, published an interesting piece of investigative journalism exposing some alleged abuses by one of their most renowned citizens, Charles Taze Russell, founder of Zion's Watch Tower. The article states:

    "After the `work' had been well started here, `Pastor' Russell's Watch Tower publication advertized wheat seed for sale at $1.00 a pound (quite expensive in that day).

    "It was styled `Miracle Wheat,' and it was asserted that it would grow five times as much as any other brand of wheat.

    "There were other claims made for the wheat seed, and the followers were advised to purchase it, the proceeds to go to the Watch Tower and be used in publishing the `Pastor's' sermons.

    "The Eagle first made public the facts about these new ventures of the Russellites [an early term used to describe Russell's followers] and it published a cartoon picturing the `Pastor' and his `Miracle Wheat' in such a way that `Pastor' Russell brought suit for libel, asking $100,000 damages.

    "Government departments investigated the wheat for which $1.00 a pound was asked, and agents of the Government were important witnesses at the trial of the libel suit in January, 1913.

    "The `Miracle Wheat' was low in the Government tests, they said. The Eagle won the suit."

    Dr. Martin reproduced from microfilm on file in New York the following dates and titles from relevant articles of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle all published in January of 1913:

    Miracle Wheat Scandal (1/1/ 1913, p. 1-2); Testimony of Russellite Beliefs (1/22/13, p. 2); Testimony on Wheat (1/23-24/1913, p. 3).

    Financial statements proving Russell's absolute control, were made by (Watch Tower) Secre¬tary-Treasurer Van Amberg who was quoted as saying, "...We are not responsible to anyone for our expenditures. We are responsible only to God," (1/25/13, p. 16).

    Government experts testify on "Miracle Wheat" and ascertain beyond doubt that it is not miraculous or overly excellent (1/27/13, p. 3); Prosecution and Defense sum-up. Russell assailed but not present to hear it (1/28/13, p. 2); Russell loses libel suit (1/29/13, p. 16).

    Some modern Jehovah's Witnesses may wish to minimize the significance of the "Miracle Wheat" claiming that the profits from its sales went to the Watchtower Society and not Russell himself.

    However as Martin points out, Russell owned 990 of the 1,000 shares of Watchtower Society stock. By this figure, 99% of every "contribution" for "Mira¬cle Wheat" was in effect a contribution to Russell himself.

    Before going to court, The Brooklyn Eagle made this claim:

    "The Eagle goes even further and declares that at the trial it will show that `Pastor' Russell's religious cult is nothing more than a money-making scheme," (Ibid).

    While the motives of Russell can only be judged by God Himself, few would argue that such "Miracle Wheat" claims today would be more at home in the National Enquirer than in the Watchtower - a magazine claiming to be produced by God's only true organization on the earth.

    If today's US Postal regulations against false advertizing and mail fraud had been in effect at the time, perhaps Russell would have lost more than a libel case.

    This is, with little doubt, a blatant example of fraud and deception going back to the roots of today's Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

    Mary you rarely give a logical response to anything I say because you don't have one.

    Riiiight. What about all the responses I gave you on your other bullshit thread that's something like 30 pages long now? I and many other posters clearly exposed your weak and pathetic arguments defending the Borg as being nothing but rubbish. You claimed in one post that you "didn't have time" to respond to all the posts (in other words, you had no rebuttal), but then you do what trolls always do: You start another bullshit thread, spewing the same stupid nonsense, quoting the same stupid crap from the WTS that you always do. Why do you think everyone's making fun of your insanity? Oh that's right---I guess it's because we have no "logical response to anything you say". Besides, you never 'said' anything. Your original post was nothing but one of your brainless cut and pastes. What's to argue about?

    Looking forward to your next cut and paste Alice! LOL!!

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