When is the Big GENERATIONS WT Study in congregations?

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  • Butterflyleia85

    Welp I think I'm missing that one cause that's the date of my marriage ha

  • sacolton

    This is not a thinking persons religion. Remember, this is the same religion that taught that Jehovah God lived in the star system of Pleides. This new generation change isn't going to wake anyone up.

  • Soldier77

    I'm going to comment during those paragraphs and stress that this is a new change and that it will also be covered in this summer's DC during the last talk on Sunday. I'm also going to throw in the CO's comments during his visit on it and get everyone all worked up about it. This is going to be fun! ... in an evil sort of way... I'm bad.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Many Dubs won't notice a change because they are in denial that the WT changes doctrine all the time. How they can deny it is a change when it is presented in a WT article on the topic of how holy spirit enlightens the GB to NOO LITE just shows that they are adept at pushing congnitive dissonance to the back shelf in their mind.

    Interesting note (to me anyway) that in the sign language version the paragraph closes with counsel to ACCEPT THIS CHANGE in order to maintain one's good relationship with God. I started a thread on that but it quickly died...

  • Titus
    I started a thread on that but it quickly died...

    No it didn't. I answered you.

  • Soldier77

    I started a thread on that but it quickly died...

    Hmm... I must of missed it. :(

    This study is actually going to go right over 98% of peoples heads. The 2% of us (that will be going) will sit there and wonder in amazement as it goes flying right over their heads.

    Such a sad organization, and here I was told the JWs were a happy people... right.

  • JediMaster

    Dang it!!! I'll miss it. I invited some friends up to my cabin. Totally slipped my mind. I actually wanted to make that meeting to see what the general reaction was. Though I'm pretty sure it's already been covered pretty well in this thread. Looking 4ward to see what those who go to the meeting have to say.

    Jedi Master

  • wannabefree

    Look into my eyes ... Jehovah's Witnesses are a happy people .... Jehovah's Witnesses are a happy people ... happy .... happy .... believe .... Jehovah's Witnesses are happy .... they ARE happy DAMNIT! And if you believe otherwise you are from your father the devil!

  • sir82

    As Blondie noted, this noo lite is covered almost as an afterthought in just 2 paragraphs. The theme of the article, and the bulk of the material, is on another topic entirely.

    Most people will just shrug and accept it.

    My impression is that most JWs have stopped trying to understand, they just accept. "It's so deep, aren't we lucky to have the 'slave' to figure all of this out for us!"

    The "generation" switcheroo makes absolutely 0 difference in the day-to-day life of everyone, so it's much easier to just accept it and move on.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Yea, when I was a dub - my comment on that paragraph in the WT study would just be read exactly as underlined because I really didn't understand what the hell they are saying, plus the box titled "Are you keeping up with increasing light?" gives the connotation that if you are not keeping up with this bullshit, you fear being left behind and marked as "spiritually weak".

    I cannot step foot in a KH, so I will be sure to check back here to hear from those of you who try to comment on those paragraphs!

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