God, Gays & Evangelicals

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  • PSacramento

    Tammy, that was also put forth by Paul.

  • tec

    It was indeed. Love is the most important thing of all. John said the same, too.


  • PSacramento

    And the beatles ;)

  • tec


  • ziddina

    "Ancient man, according to the OT, was against honosexuality, it was not natural and it was a sin...."

    Whoa, wait a minute, PSacramento, which group of "ancient man" are you referring to???

    The Native Americans?? [I'm not going to do a 'tribe-by-tribe' here, but...] Who were generally tolerant of gays - some even viewed them as special, with deeper connections to the "Great Spirit" concept??

    How about the ancient Greeks?? They believed that 'gays' - lesbians and homosexual men - were more intense versions of 'male' and 'female' - and venerated them as such??? (I.e., that lesbians were more innately 'female', gays more innately 'male'...)

    The groups of "Ancient" men that the old testament refers to, aren't really that 'old', either... How old is the bible?? Only around 3,500 years old??? Compare that to civilizations that are easily 2,000 to 4,000 years older - the Sumerian civilization, the Minoan civilization...

    And to forms of worship that are FAR older - the religious writings on the Egyptian pyramid that are at least a thousand years older than the bible, the various forms of Goddess worship that are far, far older than the bible - including the "Acheulean Goddess", found - ironically - in Israel itself, which is at least 232,000 years old and may date back as far as 800,000 years???


  • JimmyPage

    I'd follow Paul McCartney anywhere.

  • GromitSK
    I'd follow Paul McCartney anywhere

    Isn't that stalking? :)

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Some animals are homosexuals.

    Christ came to fulfill the law of the OT. With him came a New Ransom for"All" mankind's sins as well as new teachings from Christ, himself. 1john 2:2.

    Though Paul was a lover of Christ, he was under the umbrella of imperfection and sin. And was not above it. He's militant nature, I'm sure came in handy for the times, however, many of his "suggestions" are being taught as doctrine.

  • cofty

    I wonder whether Paul was gay? I'm not being sarcastic - unusually he was a single Jewish teacher, he had nothing good to say about women or marriage, he ranted about homosexuality and (pure speculation coming now....) had something that bothered him deeply which he pleaded with god to take away from him. Was is latent homosexuality?

    Just a thought

  • garyneal

    Judging from some of the responses I am seeing, you guys would really enjoy reading that letter the philosophy professor wrote to the editor of paper in my hometown. He touches on many points like what the OT teaches that we no longer adhere to and his take on Paul.

    He sent it to me in the original format, I'm going to see if I can find it and e-mail him for permission to post it here.

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