Say NO to a mosque at Ground Zero!!

by Scully 108 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • notverylikely

    In that case, I do apologize. From what you posted, I took it to mean that you felt that living under the government of the West, was no different than living under an Islamic regime.

    No problem. Your gracious apology is accepted.

  • BurnTheShips

    I'm sorry, I posted the above to the wrong thread.


  • betterdaze

    sounds like a good idea then, having already been tried and tested

    On paper maybe. If these well-heeled residents can shell out $1 million for a 1br/1ba shoebox condo, then they are in a position to build their own community center, right?

    No matter how "noble" Cordoba's intentions may be (and it's not entirely clear to me that they are), the effect of this location will be like a monumental F-U to the victims' families and all that participated in the investigations, cleanup, rebuilding.

    It's the greed and insensitivity of Community Board 1 that really takes the cake — even the wealthiest Liberals have their paws out for "free stuff" at others' expense.


  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    Islam is conducting a war against America

    Excuse me. I forgot to be politically correct. Radical Islam. The faction who has declared death to all Americans

    Hitler and his regime were saying the same thing about the Jews.

    You compare America to Hitler's Germany? When did Jews commit mass murder in Germany?

  • quietlyleaving

    betterdaze, everyone has to heal at some time and who knows this may be part of the healing process

  • beksbks

    I certainly hope they never allowed any Christian churches or community centers to be built in the vicinity of the Murrah building in Oklahoma.

  • quietlyleaving

    darkside, so now you are America?

    edit: re your other points - I feel the same about all ethnic purgings. Most nations have been guilty of this including America and of course Israel.

    During Hitlers time it wasn't only Jews who were being eradicated - gypsies etc suffered the same fate. Indeed many monied Jews were also implicated with Hitler in dispossessing jews who were of a lower station in life.

  • betterdaze

    betterdaze, didn't you say that Cordoba house will be situated more than a quarter of a mile away?

    No I did not. 1/4 mile = 1320 feet. I said "about 600 feet."

    Google maps has it at 0.1 mile, check the link I provided.


  • quietlyleaving

    betterdaze yes my mistake - I have edited my post above

  • mann377

    I hope this will help my all pork barbecue business next door to the mosque! I'll have specials to offer: pulled pork (it was pulled while the hog was still alive), Fried squash (in remembence of those in the twin towers), smoked beans (for those bodies that were found), and my special brew of Allah beer that is called suicide mohammad that is served in a glass that is shaped like the dome of the rock and is 100 proof.

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