JWs and medical marijuana

by dogon 55 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • dogon

    Who gives a fuck what they think. Why would their delusional think on this differ from the end of the world or any of the miriod of other shit they spew? They are like dog shit, you don't think about if there is any good that can be done with it when its on your shoe. You scrap it off wash it away and walk away and think it it no more. I don't give a shit if they think my beer, pot or choice of movies are good bad or indifferent. To worry about their stance on pot is like picking a turd out of a septic tank and saying I wonder if this one does not stink as bad as the rest. Stay out of the septic tank.

  • Kodis


    Who gives a? . . . about 8 million strong give a . . . Unlike you and your kind, "who took no note until the flood waters came and swept them all away."

  • amicabl

    What are you on Kodis? You sound somewhat delusional!

  • dbq407

    About 8 years ago I asked a c.o. about marijuana being used if it was medically prescribed. He said then that there wasn't any direction from the society on it, but that if it did come down to it, that it'd probably be ok, but just couldn't be smoked.

  • Scully

    Funny how they get all freaked out over marijuana use for legitimate reasons because it "might" be criminal under federal regulations, but they turn a blind eye to the sexual abuse of children, which is clearly criminal under any jurisdictional and ethical code.


  • 2+2=5

    Just keep smashing a bottle of wine a night. Hit the beers hard. Scotch by the bottle is fine. That’s the JW way.

    Don’t ever smoke a joint that shit is toxic!!

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