JWs and medical marijuana

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  • Sheep2slaughter

    I just wanted to promote this thread and get some updated info. In Colorado and many other states medical marijuana is legal. I haven't seen any new light from the Borg about its use by witnesses tho. Wondering what you guys have heard/learned in the jw grapevine.

  • Quirky1

    They wouldn't know a good joint it if came up and bit'em in tha ass... Pot is one of the safest drugs there is.. I personally don't know of anyone dying of smoking pot.. I'd rather someone smoke weed and drive a car than to drink and drive.. Alchohol is a killer..

  • baltar447

    I've heard: If a JW has a prescription for MM in a state that it's legal, they may treat it like any other drug. EXCEPT smoking it is still a Judicial matter.

    However I did hear of a "sister" running a dispensary and got DF'd. Even though it was legal in that state.

    ugh stupid cult

  • talesin

    Interesting article about the AMA's stance on medical mj.

    url: http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/blogs/the-human-condition/2009/11/13/the-american-medical-association-reconsiders-marijuana-will-the-justice-department-follow.html


    So it it might have come as a surprise on Tuesday when the AMA announced that, after 72 years, it was reversing its pot policy—and urged the federal government to do the same. Precipitated by a similar decision by the group’s Medical Student Section, the AMA resolved that “that marijuana’s status as a federal Schedule 1 controlled substance be reviewed,” with the goal of facilitating clinical research, and presented a new medical report, conducted by its Council on Science and Public Health, laying out the drug’s various medical benefits.

    Personal anecdotal experience. For many years, I worked with my general physican, using pharmaceuticals to 'help' my FM and other health problems. All the pharmas had side effects that were harmful and dangerous. Finally, my GP looked at me and said,,, "you need to try mj, I feel it is the only thing that may help you, without the harmful side effects." Thank you, Dr. R!!!!! It doesn't have to be smoked like a cigarette; it can be eaten, or inhaled using a vaporizer. The demonization of the "herb" is just one more nail in our coffin, imho.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Baltar that's correct. A prescription is ok, smoking anything is not. I have a prescription as I am an insomniac. And that stuff knocks me out without all the negative side effects of drugs like Ambien. I wake up completley refreshed, no "hangover" or grogginess. I hit the ground running.

    I know of one kid who was using it because he was tired of opiates. Major back injuries. Don't blame him. However he started distributing weed to his friends in the hall who did not have prescritions. He was df'd.

  • james_woods

    Well, if they end up being forced to allow this as a legal prescription, doesn't it pretty much wipe out their strict policy on tobacco?

    After all - "druggery" is still "druggery" (demonism) even if you have a prescription, right?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    what medical benifit does tobacco have?

  • james_woods
    what medical benifit does tobacco have?

    Questionable, if any. But let me relate a little story about a judicial committee on smoking: We had an old guy in the congregation who was a private smoker. He was a long-time JW - had been one before the ban on smoking was written into law. Somehow he got found out - I think it was during the CO visit and they went to his house to see how he was doing (he had severe heart trouble). Sure enough, a committee hearing was convened. He was notified of it. The guys wife intervened - she questioned his doctor who strongly advised that we NOT force him to quit smoking. The doctor was afraid that if we did, it might cause him to have a heart attack because he was so used to nicotine in his system. The committee (under the direction of the CO) ruled that nothing would be done to him as long as he kept the smoking to himself in private.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    well it really doesn't and the tobacco companies have been caught uping the amount of addictive chemicals in it's make up.

    Regarding the incident u described, it doesn't surprise me. In fact, the elders were actually thinking outside the box on that one. I could have easily seen an elder going on about "worldly advice from a college educated Dr" as advice from the devil and df'ing the guy anyways

  • james_woods

    I was a brand new assistant congregation servant (only 21) when that went down, Wha Happened. I simply could not believe it, but I of course did not have enough seniority to say a word. This was just the CO, the special pioneer congregation servant, and me - serving where the need was great. It was before the elder arrangement.

    The CO felt that if something happened to the guy, we might be held liable by his wife (who was not a JW) and so he personally had this swept under the rug.

    BTW - as noted above, marijuana has some of the same health detriments as tobacco when smoked. Opium and morphine are not good for you either - so, my point was that the society seems to have singled out tobacco (essentially calling it demonism) and permits other drugs.

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