JWs and medical marijuana

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  • dogon

    Where do JWs stand on the new medical marijuana? I know they would DF for use of it for recreation but if a Dr in California gave it as a perscript, and it was legal to buy and use for medical use, has anyone ran into this yet?

  • blondie

    As long as it is legal and properly prescribed, why would there be a problem. jws take morphine or other such drugs as long as it is legal and prescribed by a doctor. I think this comment here illustrates it.

    *** g01 11/8 p. 30 From Our Readers ***

    Marfan’sSyndrome In the article "Coping With Marfan’s Syndrome—When Joints Dislocate" (February 22, 2001), Michelle says that she takes morphine daily. How can an addictive drug be used by a Christian?

    S. D., United States

    It would be wrong for a Christian to sue drugs simply for the thrills or fo the highs they produce. However, one who accepts a painkilling narcotic under the direction of a physician because of some medical problem could hardly be called a thrill seeker. Of course, even in circumstances like that, a Christian must weigh the possibility of addition and other harmful side effects from taking such a medication.—ED.

  • hoser

    One unbelieving husband uses the stuff in a neighboring congregation as a prescription. It is severely frowned upon even though it is a prescription and it helps him out. The kids are not allowed to go to their house to associate with his kids cause he might toke up in front of them.

  • blondie

    Marijuana has had a negative reputation for some time among jws and non-jws. But then morphine is not considered kosher by some jws as individuals. So do you want the official WTS opinion or the individual opinion of some jws?

  • wannabefree

    It is my understanding that it is a conscience matter as long as it is not smoked ... brownies okay, bongs not. I could be wrong.

    EDIT: I asked an elder a few months ago and that is how he explained it (I threw in the brownie/bong terms).

    As far as being legal, I believe the issue here is that, it is technically illegal according to federal law, therefore, there is a reserved fear that the feds could crack down on the use if they wanted to, although unlikely, because the states don't have the authority to supersede federal law.

  • blondie

    As long as it is illegal secularly it cannot be a conscience matter unless the law forbids preaching or meeting together..

    Here is an interesting twist by the WTS.


    g01 7/8 p.9 Drug Abuse—There Is an Answer! ***How Safe Is Marijuana?

    A number of countries are considering legalizing marijuana, mainly for medicinal use. The drug has been found to alleviate the nausea caused by chemotherapy, and it evidently helps AIDS sufferers to overcome loss of appetite. It has also been used as a pain reliever.

    While there is disagreement about the results of research findings, tests that were reported on in New Scientist magazine have established some of the harmful effects of marijuana.

    A Harvard University test compared a group who smoked marijuana daily with a group who used it less often. They found little difference on standard mental tests. However, on one test dealing with adaptability, the heavy marijuana users scored much lower.

    Another university tested a group of regular marijuana smokers and a group of cigarette smokers, over a period of 15 years. The marijuana smokers usually had three or four joints a day, while the cigarette smokers had 20 or more cigarettes a day. Equal numbers from both groups suffered from coughing and bronchitis. Examination of the lungs revealed similar cell damage in both groups.

    Although the marijuana smokers indulged much less often, it was found that a single joint releases three times as much tar as a cigarette. Furthermore, New Scientist reported: "Marijuana smokers inhale more deeply and hold their breath longer."

    In addition, immune cells from the lungs of the marijuana smokers were found to be 35 percent less capable of fighting bacteria than were cells from the cigarette smokers.

  • OnTheWayOut

    While I don't know for a fact, I understood it the way Wannabefree states it. I mean, SMOKING is one of the most terrible sins- right up there after murder and adultery.

  • blondie

    It is not just the SMOKING of marijuana that is illegal secularly but eating, etc. I can't imagine that the WTS is going to encourage breaking drug laws just because it's not smoking. You don't only smoke heroin, cocaine, or other drugs but I don't see the WTS making those a conscience matter.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Legally prescribed medical maijuana is the subject as far as I know.

    A JW in pain over some terminal illness or chronic situation might get medically prescribed weed- soon to be legal in Illinois, already legal in many places. That's when they would get all "Well, don't let others know about it, make sure you don't smoke it, only obtain the legal stuff."

  • designs

    My Mother was on morphine and eventually a combo of morphine and codiene, a Molly Cocktail, she was a JW and had bone cancer. She hated the high but the pain was so awful it was the only thing that helped. The dosage was so high it kept her knocked out for 23 hours a day. We had to register her with the State we used so much. At these levels the pain killers mercifully bring the end on sooner, it stopped her heart one day thankfully.

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