Disfellowshipping - But You KNEW About It Before You Were Baptized!

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  • Georgiegirl

    Started a new topic b/c I didn't want to threadjack another ongoing pointless debate. :) (isn't it interesting how the apologists all come out around DC time?)

    Anyway. I have seen that statement made over and over again by JWs about disfellowshipping. However - it's always presented like - well - you aren't going to go out and commit fornication or kill or steal, right? And as a person who has been thoroughly duped and really believes you have just learned "the truth" and who genuinely wants to do the right thing - of COURSE it never enters your mind that you would ever want to do one of those things.

    However, the majority of posters here weren't DF'd or DA'd b/c of any "moral" sin- but simply because they learned accurate knowledge and in good conscience, could no longer support an organization that claims to be led by God's Holy Spirit but which clearly is not.

    In the meantime, tho - we've raised families, made friends, created a complete societal structure...and have to leave all of that behind and become isolated pariahs. Did you know that isolation is considered a violation of human rights? And yet, that is exactly what the WTBS does if you no longer believe - and when you are baptized, when you really truly believe you have "the truth" - learning differently and the consequences of learning differently are NOT explained and frankly, there is no way you can possibily anticipate that.

    So no. We DIDN'T know the full truth about DA'ing and DF'ing when we were baptized.

  • isaacaustin

    Very well said GG.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    That is so true! Even when people divorce, or a family member dies at least the ones left can talk to one another! But DFing is tragic!

    Once in a group of elders I mentioned the bad way that this affects youngsters, an elder admitted " It is a crude tool at best, but it is the only way we have to keep the congregation clean."

    Would we have signed on if we knew that some would merely be considered colateral damage?

  • leavingwt

    I've posted this before. Here it is, again.

    Most of us wouldn't have gotten baptized, had they simply asked this question during the Baptism Questions:

    "Do you agree to remain a loyal JW, even if you PROVE to yourself from the Scriptures that WT is not God's Organization?"

    You may think the question above is ridiculous. However, this is precisely what WT wants you to do.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    What, at 14 years old???


  • tec

    Well said, all of you.


  • mrsjones5

    And there are a small portion of board members who were born and raised in the madness of the bOrg but somehow managed to escape baptism. I love how apologists come here and assume that all here are df'd person of low morals, Bane directed that exact statement towards me yesterday - the meanness and coldness of his words were sickening.

    This is a place for folks who have been touched in some way by the fetid nature of the bOrg, from the ones who are dating jws to the ones whose families have been enslaved for generations.

  • PrimateDave

    I agree with George. At 14 it was expected that I would get baptized. There was no choice involved. I went along with what my parents wanted me to do.

    Of course, the mind control of the WTS allows for no viable alternatives to their narrow world view. JW parents are taught to think that getting their children into the organization is a matter of life and death. "Disfellowshipping" is just a "loving" way to get those who stray back on the course to "life," or so they think.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Primate Dave,

    Your expression is right on- those of us born in and baptized in our early tweens or teens weren't thinking ahead when we made the crucial decision/mistake to get baptized...

    So those who assert that we shouldn't whine about the shunning and isolation because "we knew the consequences of disfellowshipping when we got baptized" -have no understanding or empathy & I ignore their callousness


  • whoknows

    Thank you Georgiegirl for starting this thread. I don't post often, but I read everyday, and the comments of Bane regarding dfing were very offensive and inaccurate. My husband was 8 and I was 16 when we were baptized, him in 1959 and me in 1968. How much do you think we really understood at that point? You can't sign a contract until you are at least 18, and the consequences of being df'ed are far more catastrophic than violating a contract. WE WERE KIDS, WHO HAD BEING INTENSELY BRAINWASHED. Nobody deserves to be punished for the rest of their lives for a decision they made as a child (or an adult for that matter). Get real.

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