Disfellowshipping - But You KNEW About It Before You Were Baptized!

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  • palmtree67

    When my girlfriend was df'ed, she still had small children who played with other children in the Hall.

    She happened to be in the K-Hall bathroom when one little girl came in. She thought the girl might not understand why she was suddenly not talking to her, so she simply said to her, "That's a pretty dress you're wearing today."

    Well......a sister came out from one of the stalls and tore a strip off her for talking to this little girl, until my friend was in tears.

    Crude tool? More like cruel tool.

  • miseryloveselders

    Teenage baptisms aren't really all that much different from infant baptisms in hindsight. I got baptized at either 15 or 16, I can't recall. As Dave said, it was what we're expected to do as born-ins. There's tremendous pressure, sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle, to get baptized as a teenager. Looking back at it, the few young dudes at my age who didn't get baptized were and are still able to maintain the relationships they have with their families despite doing absolutely nothing with "the Truth." Those that got baptized young only to realize later down the road they don't see eye to eye with the GB, either leave and loose/strain their family relationships. Or they spend most if not all of their lives trying to maintain a "good standing" in the congregation's eyes and their parent's eyes. It's unfair on so many levels. Lately I've been rationalizing it. I figure I could have been born in Somalia, or Gaza, or a bird in the Gulf. Instead I'm the son of devout 2nd generation JWs. I didn't realize something was severly screwed up with my upbringing until recent years. If I only I would have had the maturity to figure that out at age 14.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Here's what we knew before we got baptized.

    That we will be destroyed at Armaggedon by Jehovah because we understood the issues of universal sovereignty and refused to take a stand.

    There was so much we didn't know.

    Good thread

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    JW young people are coerced by parents and the elders into getting baptised at too early an age. When mine were mid teens baptism was expected and if they held off there was a wondering about what the problem was. Absolutely terrible for a young person to do things a young person does, then get DF'd and be isolated & shunned by their family during the years they need them the most.

    Think About It

  • somebody

    I will give you one example of what is wrong with others who make that statement.

    Supposing the WTS INC/GB decided that the trinity is now going to be a teaching. How many JWs would object? Did they ALL know that when they got baptised that they have to accept as truth and "adjust their thinking" so as to agree with EVERY TEACHING IN ANY GIVEN YEAR that the GB teaches or else have this scripture applied to THEM?

    2 John1010 If anyone comes to YOU and does not bring this teaching, never receive him into YOUR homes or say a greeting to him.

    The answer is NO.

    But the FACT is that any JW would HAVE to accept ANY teaching from the GB.

    When a JW gets baptized, they don't realize that they may have gotten baptized because they believed AT THE TIME, that the teachings of the GB were "the truth". Along with that, they belived that truth does not change.

    JWs DO NOT KNOW that they HAVE to believe every teaching form the GB is the truth NO MATTER WHAT THE TEACHING IS AT ANY GIVEN TIME, when they get baptized.

    And the WTS INC, should make that CRYSTAL CLEAR to it's potential adherents/followers BEFORE THEY GET BAPTIZED IN ASSOCATION WITH IT"S ORGANIZATION.

    Of course, they wouldn't do such a thing. Because then the organization would have NO CONTROL over it members.

    And members = $$$$$$$$$$$



  • Soldier77

    GG: "Did you know that isolation is considered a violation of human rights? And yet, that is exactly what the WTBS does if you no longer believe - and when you are baptized, when you really truly believe you have "the truth" - learning differently and the consequences of learning differently are NOT explained and frankly, there is no way you can possibily anticipate that."

    Well said, I never thought of that question and yet always thought that disfellowshipping is the worse possible way to get someone help. I should know, I've been DF'd twice and the only thing I learned was how to weasel my way around the elders and in the congregation. No love was shown, no direction was given, just tossed out and left to die. Nice org huh?

  • Butterflyleia85

    GG I glad you brought this up! Good post!

    And I second Soldier77 comment! No love was shown, no direction was given, just tossed out and left to die. That's so true!

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    And how many getting baptised planned to leave at the time of baptism? You don’t think of getting df’d as something that would happen to you, it was always something that happened to someone else.

    I liken it to getting married. When you get married, you know there’s the provision of divorce, but when you get married it’s to be with the person for life. Otherwise there’s no point in getting married in the first place.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I knew that if I got baptised they would demand more of me than they were getting already.

    They never got it.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    It just dawned on me why teen-age baptism is actually a good thing.

    Teens are in the best position to make a decision like this because it's the only time in their lives that they know everything!

    OK. Bad joke.

    Good thread though.


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